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Welcome to the online rhyming dictionary It allows finding similar sounds in the final syllables in two or more words i.e. rhymes.
This website presents both true rhymes (prefect rhymes, full rhymes, exact rhymes) which are words which endings are pronounced exactly the same and near rhymes (half rhymes, imperfect rhymes, slant rhymes) - words ending with similar but not identical sound.

The dictionary contains over 460 000 words and over 110 000 definitions of words.

Descriptions of rhymes found are based on the lexical-semantic database Wordnet created by Princeton University published under

True rhymes based on Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary maintained by the Speech Group in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (Simplified BSD license).


How to use:

To list true rhymes (exact rhymes, perfect rhymes) for a given word enter the given word in the Word field and press the Find true rhymes button.

To list near rhymes (half rhymes, imperfect rhymes, lazy rhymes, slant rhymes) enter the word in the Word field and press the Find near rhymes button.


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