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List of near rhymes for the word: BAg


Rhymes with 1 syllable

WordBase wordDefinition
bagbagan activity that you like or at which you are superior; "chemistry is not my cup of tea"; "his bag now is learning to play golf"; "marriage was scarcely his dish"
begbegcall upon in supplication; entreat; "I beg you to stop!"
bigbigin an advanced stage of pregnancy; "was big with child"; "was great with child"
bogbogwet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation; has poorer drainage than a swamp; soil is unfit for cultivation but can be cut and dried and used for fuel
bugbuga minute life form (especially a disease-causing bacterium); the term is not in technical use

Rhymes with 2 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
beanbagbeanbaga small cloth bag filled with dried beans; thrown in games
bedbugbedbugbug of temperate regions that infests especially beds and feeds on human blood
debugdebuglocate and correct errors in a computer program code; "debug this program"
feedbagfeedbaga canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse); covers the muzzle and fastens at the top of the head
fleabagfleabaga run-down hotel
gasbaggasbagthe bag containing the gas in a balloon
handbaghandbaga container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women); "she reached into her bag and found a comb"
humbughumbugsomething intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage
kitbagkitbaga knapsack (usually for a soldier)
mailbagmailbagletter carrier's shoulder bag; "in Britain they call a mailbag a postbag"
postbagpostbagletter carrier's shoulder bag; "in Britain they call a mailbag a postbag"
ragbagragbaga bag in which rags are kept
redbugredbuglarval mite that sucks the blood of vertebrates including human beings causing intense irritation
sandbagsandbaga bag filled with sand; used as a weapon or to build walls or as ballast
schoolbagschoolbaga bag for carrying school books and supplies; "found just the right dictionary to fit into his schoolbag"
seabagseabaga cylindrical drawstring bag used by sailors to hold their clothing and other gear
sickbagsickbaga bag provided on an airplane for passengers who are suffering from airsickness and need to vomit
UsbegUsbegthe Turkic language spoken by the Uzbek
UzbegUzbegthe Turkic language spoken by the Uzbek
windbagwindbaga boring person who talks a great deal about uninteresting topics
workbagworkbagcontainer for holding implements and materials for work (especially for sewing)

Rhymes with 3 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
carpetbagcarpetbagtraveling bag made of carpet; widely used in 19th century
crotonbugcrotonbugsmall light-brown cockroach brought to United States from Europe; a common household pest
doodlebugdoodlebugthe larva of any of several insects
firebugfirebuga true bug: brightly colored bug that can exude a stain
gamebaggamebaga canvas or leather bag for carrying game (especially birds) killed by a hunter
jitterbugjitterbuga jerky American dance that was popular in the 1940s
ladybugladybugsmall round bright-colored and spotted beetle that usually feeds on aphids and other insect pests
litterbuglitterbuga person who litters public places with refuse
mealybugmealybugscalelike plant-eating insect coated with a powdery waxy secretion; destructive especially of fruit trees
moneybagmoneybaga drawstring bag for holding money
nosebagnosebaga canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (such as a horse); covers the muzzle and fastens at the top of the head
saddlebagsaddlebaga large bag (or pair of bags) hung over a saddle
shutterbugshutterbuga photography enthusiast
spittlebugspittlebugsmall leaping herbivorous insect that lives in a mass of protective froth which it and its larvae secrete
superbugsuperbuga strain of pest accidentally imported into Florida from the Middle East then spread to California where it is a very serious pest feeding on almost all vegetable crops and poinsettias
tucker-bagtucker-baga bag used for carrying food; "the swagman filled his tuckerbag"
tumblebugtumblebugany of various dung beetles

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