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List of near rhymes for the word: caught


Rhymes with 1 syllable

WordBase wordDefinition
catcata method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis
caughtcatchthe act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal); "the policeman on the beat got credit for the collar"
coatcoatgrowth of hair or wool or fur covering the body of an animal
cootcootslate-black slow-flying birds somewhat resembling ducks
cotcota small bed that folds up for storage or transport
cotecotea small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons)
cutcutan unexcused absence from class; "he was punished for taking too many cuts in his math class"
cutecuteobviously contrived to charm; "an insufferably precious performance"; "a child with intolerably cute mannerisms"
katkatthe leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant; "in Yemen kat is used daily by 85% of adults"
khatkhatthe leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant; "in Yemen kat is used daily by 85% of adults"
kitkityoung of any of various fur-bearing animals; "a fox kit"
kitekiteany of several small graceful hawks of the family Accipitridae having long pointed wings and feeding on insects and small animals
qatqatthe leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant; "in Yemen kat is used daily by 85% of adults"
quatquatthe leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant; "in Yemen kat is used daily by 85% of adults"
quitquitgive up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat; "In the second round, the challenger gave up"
quitequiteto the greatest extent; completely; "you're quite right"; "she was quite alone"; "was quite mistaken"; "quite the opposite"; "not quite finished"; "did not quite make it"
quotequotea passage or expression that is quoted or cited
scatscatsinging jazz; the singer substitutes nonsense syllables for the words of the song and tries to sound like a musical instrument
scootscootrun or move very quickly or hastily; "She dashed into the yard"
scotscota native or inhabitant of Scotland
ScottScottUnited States slave who sued for liberty after living in a non-slave state; caused the Supreme Court to declare the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional (1795?-1858)
ScoutScouta person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event
scutscuta short erect tail
scutescutelarge bony or horny plate as on an armadillo or turtle or the underside of a snake
skateskatelarge edible rays having a long snout and thick tail with pectoral fins continuous with the head; swim by undulating the edges of the pectoral fins
SkeatSkeatEnglish philologist (1835-1912)
skeetskeetthe sport of shooting at clay pigeons that are hurled upward in such a way as to simulate the flight of a bird
skitskita short theatrical episode
squatsquatthe act of assuming or maintaining a crouching position with the knees bent and the buttocks near the heels

Rhymes with 2 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
acquitacquitpronounce not guilty of criminal charges; "The suspect was cleared of the murder charges"
acuteacutea mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation
AlcottAlcottUnited States novelist noted for children's books (1832-1888)
ascotascota cravat with wide square ends; secured with an ornamental pin
baccatebaccateproducing or bearing berries
banquetbanqueta meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed; "a banquet for the graduating seniors"; "the Thanksgiving feast"; "they put out quite a spread"
basketbasketa score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop
bearcatbearcatarboreal civet of Asia having a long prehensile tail and shaggy black hair
becketbecket(nautical) a short line with an eye at one end and a knot at the other; used to secure loose items on a ship
BeckettBecketta playwright and novelist (born in Ireland) who lived in France; wrote plays for the theater of the absurd (1906-1989)
biscuitbiscuitany of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
blackoutblackoutpartial or total loss of memory; "he has a total blackout for events of the evening"
blanketblanketbedding that keeps a person warm in bed; "he pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep"
bluecoatbluecoata person dressed all in blue (as a soldier or sailor)
bobcatbobcatsmall lynx of North America
boycottboycotta group's refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies
bracketbracketa support projecting from a wall (as to hold a shelf)
breakoutbreakoutan escape from jail; "the breakout was carefully planned"
briquetbriqueta block made from charcoal or coal dust and burned as fuel
brisketbrisketa cut of meat from the breast or lower chest especially of beef
brochettebrochettea small spit or skewer
brocketbrocketmale red deer in its second year
bucketbucketa roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top
buckwheatbuckwheatgrain ground into flour
casketcasketsmall and often ornate box for holding jewels or other valuables
casquetcasqueta light open casque without a visor or beaver
CharcotCharcotFrench neurologist who tried to use hypnotism to cure hysteria (1825-1893)
cheapskatecheapskatea miserly person
checkoutcheckoutthe act of inspecting or verifying; "they made a check of their equipment"; "the pilot ran through the check-out procedure"
chicotchicothandsome tree of central and eastern North America having large bipinnate leaves and green-white flowers followed by large woody brown pods whose seeds are used as a coffee substitute
circuitcircuitmovement once around a course; "he drove an extra lap just for insurance"
clean-cutclean-cutclear and distinct to the senses; easily perceptible; "as clear as a whistle"; "clear footprints in the snow"; "the letter brought back a clear image of his grandfather"; "a spire clean-cut against the sky"; "a clear-cut pattern"
clear-cutclear-cutremove all the trees at one time; "clear-cut an acre of forest"
cookoutcookoutan informal meal cooked and eaten outdoors
coquetcoquettalk or behave amorously, without serious intentions; "The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries"; "My husband never flirts with other women"
cricketcricketa game played with a ball and bat by two teams of 11 players; teams take turns trying to score runs
crocketcrocketan architectural ornament of curved foliage used at the edge of a spire or gable
CrockettCrockettUnited States frontiersman and Tennessee politician who died at the siege of the Alamo (1786-1836)
crosscutcrosscuta route shorter than the usual one
cumquatcumquatany of several trees or shrubs of the genus Fortunella bearing small orange-colored edible fruits with thick sweet-flavored skin and sour pulp
dacoitdacoita member of an armed gang of robbers
dakoitdakoita member of an armed gang of robbers
dicotdicotflowering plant with two cotyledons; the stem grows by deposit on its outside
diskettediskettea small plastic magnetic disk enclosed in a stiff envelope with a radial slit; used to store data or programs for a microcomputer; "floppy disks are noted for their relatively slow speed and small capacity and low price"
docketdocketa temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to
ducatducatformerly a gold coin of various European countries
equateequatemake equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching; "let's equalize the duties among all employees in this office"; "The company matched the discount policy of its competitors"
escheatescheatthe property that reverts to the state
falcatefalcatecurved like a sickle; "a falcate leaf"; "falcate claws"; "the falcate moon"
fresh-cutfresh-cutcut recently; "fresh-cut flowers"
gasketgasketseal consisting of a ring for packing pistons or sealing a pipe joint
greatcoatgreatcoata heavy coat worn over clothes in winter
haircuthaircutthe act of cutting the hair
hellcathellcata malicious woman with a fierce temper
hell-kitehell-kitesomeone who is a very fierce fighter
inchoateinchoateonly partly in existence; imperfectly formed; "incipient civil disorder"; "an incipient tumor"; "a vague inchoate idea"
jacketjacket(dentistry) dental appliance consisting of an artificial crown for a broken or decayed tooth; "tomorrow my dentist will fit me for a crown"
jocotejocotecommon tropical American shrub or small tree with purplish fruit
junketjunketa trip taken by an official at public expense
knockoutknockouta blow that renders the opponent unconscious
KoweitKoweitan Arab kingdom in Asia on the northwestern coast of the Persian Gulf; a major source of petroleum
kumquatkumquatsmall oval citrus fruit with thin sweet rind and very acid pulp
KuwaitKuwaitan Arab kingdom in Asia on the northwestern coast of the Persian Gulf; a major source of petroleum
kyatkyatthe basic unit of money in Myanmar
locatelocatetake up residence and become established; "The immigrants settled in the Midwest"
locketlocketa small ornamental case; usually contains a picture or a lock of hair and is worn on a necklace
lockoutlockouta management action resisting employee's demands; employees are barred from entering the workplace until they agree to terms
lookoutlookoutthe act of looking out
loquatloquatyellow olive-sized semitropical fruit with a large free stone and relatively little flesh; used for jellies
low-cutlow-cuthaving a low-cut back; "a backless dress"
marketmarketthe world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and sold; "without competition there would be no market"; "they were driven from the marketplace"
mascotmascota person or animal that is adopted by a team or other group as a symbolic figure
MasqatMasqata port on the Gulf of Oman and capital of the sultanate of Oman
meerkatmeerkata mongoose-like viverrine of South Africa having a face like a lemur and only four toes
MelchiteMelchitean Orthodox Christian or Uniate Christian belonging to the patriarchate of Alexandria or Antioch or Jerusalem
MelkiteMelkitean Orthodox Christian or Uniate Christian belonging to the patriarchate of Alexandria or Antioch or Jerusalem
mesquitmesquitany of several small spiny trees or shrubs of the genus Prosopis having small flowers in axillary cylindrical spikes followed by large pods rich in sugar
mesquitemesquiteany of several small spiny trees or shrubs of the genus Prosopis having small flowers in axillary cylindrical spikes followed by large pods rich in sugar
mierkatmierkata mongoose-like viverrine of South Africa having a face like a lemur and only four toes
milk-whitemilk-whiteof a white the color of fresh milk
misquotemisquotean incorrect quotation
mudcatmudcatlarge catfish of central United States having a flattened head and projecting jaw
muscatmuscatsweet aromatic grape used for raisins and wine
muskatmuskatany of several cultivated grapevines that produce sweet white grapes
musketmusketa muzzle-loading shoulder gun with a long barrel; formerly used by infantrymen
packetpacketa boat for carrying mail
peacoatpeacoata sailor's heavy woolen double-breasted jacket
picketpicketa form of military punishment used by the British in the late 17th century in which a soldier was forced to stand on one foot on a pointed stake
PickettPickettAmerican Confederate general known for leading a disastrous charge at Gettysburg (1825-1875)
picotpicotan edging of small loops, as on lace or ribbon
piquetpiqueta form of military punishment used by the British in the late 17th century in which a soldier was forced to stand on one foot on a pointed stake
placateplacatecause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of; "She managed to mollify the angry customer"
placketplacketa piece of cloth sewn under an opening
planchetplancheta flat metal disk ready for stamping as a coin
planchetteplanchettea triangular board supported on casters; when lightly touched with the fingertips it is supposed to spell out supernatural (or unconscious) messages
plicateplicatefold into pleats, "Pleat the cloth"
plumcotplumcothybrid between plum and apricot
pocketpocketa small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles
PrescottPrescotta town in central Arizona
pricketpricketmale deer in his second year
quietquieta disposition free from stress or emotion
quoitquoitgame equipment consisting of a ring of iron or circle of rope used in playing the game of quoits
rachetrachetmechanical device consisting of a toothed wheel or rack engaged with a pawl that permits it to move in only one direction
racketracketan illegal enterprise (such as extortion or fraud or drug peddling or prostitution) carried on for profit
racquetracqueta sports implement (usually consisting of a handle and an oval frame with a tightly interlaced network of strings) used to strike a ball (or shuttlecock) in various games
raincoatraincoata water-resistant coat
redcoatredcoatBritish soldier; so-called because of his red coat (especially during the American Revolution)
requiterequitemake repayment for or return something
rocketrocketa jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion
rough-cutrough-cutof stone or timber; shaped roughly without finishing
sachetsacheta small soft bag containing perfumed powder; used to perfume items in a drawer or chest
sekhetsekheta lion-headed Egyptian goddess; typifies life-destroying power of the sun
sheepcotesheepcotea pen for sheep
shortcutshortcuta route shorter than the usual one
Sno-CatSno-Cata kind of snowmobile
socketsocketa receptacle into which an electric device can be inserted
spicatespicatehaving or relating to spikes; "spicate inflorescence"
sprocketsprockettooth on the rim of gear wheel
sulcatesulcatehaving deep narrow furrows or grooves
surcoatsurcoata tunic worn over a knight's armor
sword-cutsword-cuta scar from a cut made by a sword
tailcoattailcoatformalwear consisting of full evening dress for men
thicketthicketa dense growth of bushes
ticketticketthe appropriate or desirable thing; "this car could be just the ticket for a small family"
tomcattomcatmale cat
topcoattopcoata heavy coat worn over clothes in winter
tricottricota knitted fabric or one resembling knitting
trinkettrinketcheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing
TrotskyiteTrotskyiteradicals who support Trotsky's theory that socialism must be established throughout the world by continuing revolution
truncatetruncatemake shorter as if by cutting off; "truncate a word"; "Erosion has truncated the ridges of the mountains"
tuckettucket(music) a short lively tune played on brass instruments; "he entered to a flourish of trumpets"; "her arrival was greeted with a rousing fanfare"
turncoatturncoata disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc.
uncutuncutcomplete; "the full-length play"
vacatevacatecancel officially; "He revoked the ban on smoking"; "lift an embargo"; "vacate a death sentence"
wainscotwainscotwooden panels that can be used to line the walls of a room
waistcoatwaistcoata man's sleeveless garment worn underneath a coat
walkoutwalkoutthe act of walking out (of a meeting or organization) as a sign of protest; "there was a walkout by the Black members as the chairman rose to speak"
wicketwicketsmall opening (like a window in a door) through which business can be transacted
wildcatwildcatany small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild
woodcutwoodcutengraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it; used to make prints
workoutworkoutthe activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit; "the doctor recommended regular exercise"; "he did some exercising"; "the physical exertion required by his work kept him fit"
YakutYakutthe Turkic language spoken by the Yakut
zakatzakatthe fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship; "the zakat is earmarked for the poor and disabled"

Rhymes with 3 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
abdicateabdicategive up, such as power, as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and obligations; "The King abdicated when he married a divorcee"
acuateacuateending in a sharp point
adequateadequatehaving the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task; "she had adequate training"; "her training was adequate"; "she was adequate to the job"; "he was equal to the task"
advocateadvocatea person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
affricateaffricatea composite speech sound consisting of a stop and a fricative articulated at the same point (as `ch' in `chair' and `j' in `joy')
aguacateaguacatea pear-shaped tropical fruit with green or blackish skin and rich yellowish pulp enclosing a single large seed
aliquotaliquotan integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity; "4 is an aliquot part of 12"
allocateallocatedistribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose; "I am allocating a loaf of bread to everyone on a daily basis"; "I'm allocating the rations for the camping trip"
altercatealtercatehave a disagreement over something; "We quarreled over the question as to who discovered America"; "These two fellows are always scrapping over something"
antiquateantiquategive an antique appearance to; "antique furniture"
apricotapricota shade of pink tinged with yellow
arcuatearcuateforming or resembling an arch; "an arched ceiling"
auspicateauspicatecommence in a manner calculated to bring good luck; "They auspicated the trip with a bottle of champagne"
bandicootbandicootany of various agile ratlike terrestrial marsupials of Australia and adjacent islands; insectivorous and herbivorous
banquettebanquettean upholstered bench
bifurcatebifurcatedivide into two branches; "The road bifurcated"
big-ticketbig-ticketvery expensive; "big-ticket items like cars and furs"; "a big-ticket government program"
bisulcatebisulcate(used of hooves) split, divided; "bisulcate hoof"
black-marketblack-marketdistributed or sold illicitly; "the black economy pays no taxes"
blatherskiteblatherskitefoolish gibberish
bluejacketbluejacketa serviceman in the navy
brachiatebrachiateswing from one hold to the next; "the monkeys brachiate"
branchiatebranchiateprovided with gills; "a gilled tadpole"
breadbasketbreadbasketa basket for serving bread
briquettebriquettea block made from charcoal or coal dust and burned as fuel
carrycotcarrycotbox-shaped baby bed with handles (for a baby to sleep in while being carried)
cocottecocottea small casserole in which individual portions can be cooked and served
collocatecollocategroup or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side
complicatecomplicatemake more complex, intricate, or richer; "refine a design or pattern"
confiscateconfiscatetake temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority; "The FBI seized the drugs"; "The customs agents impounded the illegal shipment"; "The police confiscated the stolen artwork"
copycatcopycatsomeone who copies the words or behavior of another
coquettecoquettea seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
coruscatecoruscatebe lively or brilliant or exhibit virtuosity; "The musical performance sparkled"; "A scintillating conversation"; "his playing coruscated throughout the concert hall"
croquettecroquetteminced cooked meats (or vegetables) in thick white sauce; breaded and deep-fried
dedicatededicateset apart to sacred uses with solemn rites, of a church
defalcatedefalcateappropriate (as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use; "The accountant embezzled thousands of dollars while working for the wealthy family"
defecatedefecatehave a bowel movement; "The dog had made in the flower beds"
delicatedelicateexquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury; "a delicate violin passage"; "delicate china"; "a delicate flavor"; "the delicate wing of a butterfly"
demarcatedemarcateset, mark, or draw the boundaries of something
deprecatedeprecatebelittle; "The teacher should not deprecate his student's efforts"
desiccatedesiccatelose water or moisture; "In the desert, you get dehydrated very quickly"
dislocatedislocateput out of its usual place, position, or relationship; "The colonists displaced the natives"
disquietdisquietthe trait of seeming ill at ease
dovecotedovecotea birdhouse for pigeons
downmarketdownmarketdesigned for low-income consumers
duplicateduplicatea copy that corresponds to an original exactly; "he made a duplicate for the files"
educateeducatecreate by training and teaching; "The old master is training world-class violinists"; "we develop the leaders for the future"
EndecottEndecottborn in England; in 1629 he became the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1588-1665)
EndicottEndicottborn in England; in 1629 he became the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (1588-1665)
entrecoteentrecotecut of meat taken from between the ribs
exarchateexarchatea diocese of the Eastern Orthodox Church
executeexecutesign in the presence of witnesses; "The President executed the treaty"
explicateexplicateelaborate, as of theories and hypotheses; "Could you develop the ideas in your thesis"
extricateextricaterelease from entanglement of difficulty; "I cannot extricate myself from this task"
fabricatefabricatemake up something artificial or untrue
forficateforficateresembling a fork; divided or separated into two branches; "the biramous appendages of an arthropod"; "long branched hairs on its legson which pollen collects"; "a forked river"; "a forked tail"; "forked lightning"; "horseradish grown in poor soil may develop prongy roots"
fornicatefornicatehave sex without being married
greenmarketgreenmarketan open-air marketplace for farm products
greenockitegreenockiteore of cadmium; a rare yellowish mineral consisting of cadmium sulphide in crystalline form
handbaskethandbasketa container that is usually woven and has handles
haricotharicota French bean variety with light-colored seeds; usually dried
housecoathousecoata loose dressing gown for women
imbricateimbricateoverlap; "The roof tiles imbricate"
implicateimplicateimpose, involve, or imply as a necessary accompaniment or result; "What does this move entail?"
imprecateimprecateutter obscenities or profanities; "The drunken men were cursing loudly in the street"
in-basketin-basketa wood or metal receptacle placed on your desk to hold your incoming material
inculcateinculcateteach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions; "inculcate values into the young generation"
indicateindicategive evidence of; "The evidence argues for your claim"; "The results indicate the need for more work"
infuscateinfuscatedarken with a brownish tinge, as of insect wings
intricateintricatehaving many complexly arranged elements; elaborate; "intricate lacework"
kiaatkiaatdeciduous South African tree having large odd-pinnate leaves and profuse fragrant orange-yellow flowers; yields a red juice and heavy strong durable wood
kitty-catkitty-catinformal terms referring to a domestic cat
linecutlinecutengraving consisting of a block that has been etched or engraved
linocutlinocuta design carved in relief into a block of linoleum
lorikeetlorikeetany of various small lories
lubricatelubricatemake slippery or smooth through the application of a lubricant; "lubricate the key"
makeweightmakeweighta weight added to the scale to reach a required weight
malachitemalachitea green or blue mineral used as an ore of copper and for making ornamental objects
manducatemanducatechew (food); to bite and grind with the teeth; "He jawed his bubble gum"; "Chew your food and don't swallow it!"; "The cows were masticating the grass"
MarquetteMarquettea town on Lake Superior on the Upper Peninsula in northwest Michigan
massicotmassicotthe mineral form of lead monoxide; in the form of yellow powder it is used as a pigment
masticatemasticatechew (food); to bite and grind with the teeth; "He jawed his bubble gum"; "Chew your food and don't swallow it!"; "The cows were masticating the grass"
medicatemedicatetreat medicinally, treat with medicine
metricatemetricateconvert from a non-metric to the metric system
monocotmonocota monocotyledonous flowering plant; the stem grows by deposits on its inside
MontrachetMontracheta white Burgundy wine
moquettemoquettea thick velvety synthetic fabric used for carpets and soft upholstery
NantucketNantucketan island resort off Cape Cod; formerly a center of the whaling industry
newmarketnewmarketa gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops; the player who plays a card matching one in the layout wins all the chips on that card
obfuscateobfuscatemake obscure or unclear
opencutopencut(of mines and mining) worked from the exposed surface; "opencast mining"; "an opencut iron mine"
out-basketout-basketa wood or metal receptacle placed on your desk to hold your outgoing material
overcoatovercoata heavy coat worn over clothes in winter
panchayatpanchayata village council in India or southern Pakistan
parakeetparakeetany of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots
paraquatparaquata poisonous yellow solid used in solution as a herbicide
paraquetparaquetany of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots
paroquetparoquetany of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots
parrakeetparrakeetany of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots
parroketparroketany of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots
parroquetparroquetany of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots
PenobscotPenobscota river in central Maine flowing into Penobscot Bay
persecutepersecutecause to suffer; "Jews were persecuted in the former Soviet Union"
petticoatpetticoatundergarment worn under a skirt
pickpocketpickpocketa thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places
polecatpolecatdark brown mustelid of woodlands of Eurasia that gives off an unpleasant odor when threatened
polychaetepolychaetechiefly marine annelids possessing both sexes and having paired appendages (parapodia) bearing bristles
polychetepolychetechiefly marine annelids possessing both sexes and having paired appendages (parapodia) bearing bristles
predicatepredicateone of the two main constituents of a sentence; the predicate contains the verb and its complements
prosecuteprosecutecarry out or participate in an activity; be involved in; "She pursued many activities"; "They engaged in a discussion"
pussycatpussycatinformal terms referring to a domestic cat
relocaterelocatemove or establish in a new location; "We had to relocate the office because the rent was too high"
replicatereplicatemake or do or perform again; "He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick"
roquetteroquetteerect European annual often grown as a salad crop to be harvested when young and tender
rubricaterubricatesign with a mark instead of a name
rusticaterusticatelend a rustic character to; "rusticate the house in the country"
samarskitesamarskitea complex black mineral occurring in pegmatites
sea-rocketsea-rocketsalt-tolerant seashore annual grown for its fragrant rose or violet flowers and fleshy grey-green foliage
shakeoutshakeoutan economic condition that results in the elimination of marginally financed participants in an industry; "they glutted the market in order to cause a shakeout of their competitors"
short-circuitshort-circuitavoid something unpleasant or laborious; "You cannot bypass these rules!"
silicatesilicatea salt or ester derived from silicic acid
skyrocketskyrocketsends a firework display high into the sky
spirochaetespirochaeteparasitic or free-living bacteria; many pathogenic to humans and other animals
spirochetespirocheteparasitic or free-living bacteria; many pathogenic to humans and other animals
stakeoutstakeoutsurveillance of some place or some person by the police (as in anticipation of a crime)
straightjacketstraightjacketa garment similar to a jacket that is used to bind the arms tightly against the body as a means of restraining a violent person
straitjacketstraitjacketa garment similar to a jacket that is used to bind the arms tightly against the body as a means of restraining a violent person
strikeoutstrikeoutan out resulting from the batter getting three strikes
subacutesubacuteless than acute; relating to a disease present in a person with no symptoms of it
suffocatesuffocatestruggle for breath; have insufficient oxygen intake; "he swallowed a fishbone and gagged"
sugarcoatsugarcoatcause to appear more pleasant or appealing; "The mayor did not sugarcoat the reality of the tax cuts"
supplicatesupplicateask humbly (for something); "He supplicated the King for clemency"
suricatesuricateburrowing diurnal meerkat of southern Africa; often kept as a pet
syndicatesyndicatean association of companies for some definite purpose
takeouttakeout(bridge) a bid that asks your partner to bid another suit
tourniquettourniquetbandage that stops the flow of blood from an artery by applying pressure
trebuchettrebuchetan engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges; a heavy war engine for hurling large stones and other missiles
trebuckettrebucketan engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges; a heavy war engine for hurling large stones and other missiles
trifurcatetrifurcatedivide into three; "The road trifurcates at the bridge"
triplicatetriplicateone of three copies; any of three things that correspond to one another exactly
tunicatetunicateprimitive marine animal having a saclike unsegmented body and a urochord that is conspicuous in the larva
undercoatundercoatthick soft fur lying beneath the longer and coarser guard hair
undercutundercuta cut made underneath to remove material
underquoteunderquotequote a price lower than that quoted by (another seller)
unquietunquietcharacterized by unrest or disorder; "unquiet days of riots"; "following the assassination of Martin Luter King ours was an unquiet nation"; "spent an unquiet night tossing and turning"
upmarketupmarketdesigned for consumers with high incomes; "he turned up in well-cut clothes...and upmarket felt hats"- New Yorker
uppercutuppercuta swinging blow directed upward (especially at an opponent's chin)
urticateurticatesting with or as with nettles and cause a stinging pain or sensation
vellicatevellicateirritate as if by a nip, pinch, or tear; "smooth surfaces can vellicate the teeth"; "the pain is as if sharp points pinch your back"
vindicatevindicateshow to be right by providing justification or proof; "vindicate a claim"
wide-cutwide-cuthaving ample fabric; "the current taste for wide trousers"; "a full skirt"
workbasketworkbasketcontainer for holding implements and materials for work (especially for sewing)

Rhymes with 4 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
abranchiateabranchiatehaving no gills
adjudicateadjudicatebring to an end; settle conclusively; "The case was decided"; "The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff"; "The father adjudicated when the sons were quarreling over their inheritance"
authenticateauthenticateestablish the authenticity of something
certificatecertificatea document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts
chute-the-chutechute-the-chuteelevated railway in an amusement park (usually with sharp curves and steep inclines)
closed-circuitclosed-circuitrelating to or consisting of a closed circuit; "closed-circuit television"
communicatecommunicatetransmit thoughts or feelings; "He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist"
ConnecticutConnecticuta New England state; one of the original 13 colonies
contraindicatecontraindicatemake a treatment inadvisable
decorticatedecorticateremove the cortex of (an organ)
detoxicatedetoxicateremove poison from; "detoxify the soil"
dibranchiatedibranchiatecephalopods having two gills
divaricatedivaricatespread apart; "divaricate one's fingers"
domesticatedomesticatemake fit for cultivation, domestic life, and service to humans; "The horse was domesticated a long time ago"; "The wolf was tamed and evolved into the house dog"
electrocuteelectrocutekill by electrocution, as in the electric chair; "The serial killer was electrocuted"
equivocateequivocatebe deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information
eradicateeradicatekill in large numbers; "the plague wiped out an entire population"
etiquetteetiquetterules governing socially acceptable behavior
evacuateevacuateexcrete or discharge from the body
fluosilicatefluosilicatesalt of fluosilicic acid
hypermarkethypermarketa huge supermarket (usually built on the outskirts of a town)
hypothecatehypothecateto believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds; "Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps"
identikitidentikita likeness of a person's face constructed from descriptions given to police; uses a set of transparencies of various facial features that can be combined to build up a picture of the person sought
inadequateinadequatelacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task; "inadequate training"; "the staff was inadequate"; "she was unequal to the task"
indelicateindelicateverging on the indecent; "an indelicate proposition"
intoxicateintoxicatehave an intoxicating effect on, of a drug
leatherjacketleatherjackettough-skinned larva of certain crane flies
magnificatmagnificat(Luke) the canticle of the Virgin Mary (from Luke 1:46 beginning `Magnificat anima mea Dominum')
matriarchatematriarchatea form of social organization in which a female is the family head and title is traced through the female line
microcircuitmicrocircuita microelectronic computer circuit incorporated into a chip or semiconductor; a whole system rather than a single component
NouakchottNouakchottcapital of Mauritania; located in western Mauritania near the Atlantic coast
oligochaeteoligochaetehermaphroditic terrestrial and aquatic annelids having bristles borne singly along the length of the body
out-of-pocketout-of-pocketcalling for the spending of cash; "his out-of-pocket costs were $10"
patriarchatepatriarchatea form of social organization in which a male is the family head and title is traced through the male line
pontificatepontificatethe government of the Roman Catholic Church
prefabricateprefabricateproduce synthetically, artificially, or stereotypically and unoriginally
prevaricateprevaricatebe deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information
prognosticateprognosticateindicate by signs; "These signs bode bad news"
quadruplicatequadruplicateany four copies; any of four things that correspond to one another exactly; "it was signed in quadruplicate"
reallocatereallocateallocate, distribute, or apportion anew; "Congressional seats are reapportioned on the basis of census data"
reciprocatereciprocatealternate the direction of motion of; "the engine reciprocates the propeller"
rededicaterededicatededicate anew; "They were asked to rededicate themselves to their country"
reduplicatereduplicatemake or do or perform again; "He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick"
requiescatrequiescata prayer for the repose of the soul of a dead person
retrorocketretrorocketa small rocket engine on a larger rocket or spacecraft that is fired to slow or alter its course
sophisticatesophisticatea worldly-wise person
supermarketsupermarketa large self-service grocery store selling groceries and dairy products and household goods
syllabicatesyllabicatedivide into syllables; "syllabify the words"
umbilicateumbilicatedepressed like a navel
wastebasketwastebasketa container with an open top; for discarded paper and other rubbish

Rhymes with 5 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
borosilicateborosilicatea salt of boric and silicic acids
excommunicateexcommunicateexclude from a church or a religious community; "The gay priest was excommunicated when he married his partner"
overdelicateoverdelicateextremely delicate; "an overdelicate digestive system"
tortoiseshell-cattortoiseshell-cata cat having black and cream-colored and yellowish markings

Rhymes with 6 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
intercommunicateintercommunicatetransmit thoughts or feelings; "He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist"
telecommunicatetelecommunicatecommunicate over long distances, as via the telephone or e-mail

Rhymes with 8 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
muscivora-forficatamuscivora-forficatagrey flycatcher of the southwestern United States and Mexico and Central America having a long forked tail and white breast and salmon and scarlet markings

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