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List of near rhymes for the word: detective


Rhymes with 1 syllable

WordBase wordDefinition
stavestavea crosspiece between the legs of a chair
stovestaveany heating apparatus
stovestoveany heating apparatus

Rhymes with 2 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
activeactivea person who is a participating member of an organization; "the club issues a list of members, both the actives and the retirees"
captivecaptivean animal that is confined
cookstovecookstovea stove for cooking (especially a wood- or coal-burning kitchen stove)
costivecostiveretarding evacuation of feces; binding; constipating
creativecreativepromoting construction or creation; "creative work"
dativedativethe category of nouns serving as the indirect object of a verb
festivefestiveoffering fun and gaiety; "a festive (or festal) occasion"; "gay and exciting night life"; "a merry evening"
fictivefictivecapable of imaginative creation; "fictive talent"
furtivefurtivesecret and sly or sordid; "backstairs gossip"; "his low backstairs cunning"- A.L.Guerard; "backstairs intimacies"; "furtive behavior"
motivemotivethe psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior; "we did not understand his motivation"; "he acted with the best of motives"
nativenativeindigenous plants and animals
octaveoctavea rhythmic group of eight lines of verse
oilstoveoilstoveheater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cooking
plaintiveplaintiveexpressing sorrow
reactivereactiveparticipating readily in reactions; "sodium is a reactive metal"; "free radicals are very reactive"
restiverestiveimpatient especially under restriction or delay; "the government has done nothing to ease restrictions and manufacturers are growing restive"
RostovRostova seaport on the Don River near the Sea of Azov in the European part of Russia
sportivesportivegiven to merry frolicking; "frolicsome students celebrated their graduation with parties and practical jokes"
stativestative( used of verbs (e.g. `be' or `own') and most participial adjectives) expressing existence or a state rather than an action
tractivetractiveexerting traction and serving to pull
votivevotivededicated in fulfillment of a vow; "votive prayers"

Rhymes with 3 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
ablativeablativethe case indicating the agent in passive sentences or the instrument or manner or place of the action described by the verb
abortiveabortivefailing to accomplish an intended result; "an abortive revolt"; "a stillborn plot to assassinate the President"
absorptiveabsorptivehaving power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.); "as absorbent as a sponge"
abstractiveabstractiveof an abstracting nature or having the power of abstracting; "abstractive analysis"
acceptiveacceptiveinclined to accept rather than reject; "she was seldom acceptive of my suggestions"
accretiveaccretivegrowing by accretion
adaptiveadaptivehaving a capacity for adaptation; "the adaptive coloring of a chameleon"
addictiveaddictivecausing or characterized by addiction; "addictive drugs"; "addictive behavior"
additiveadditivesomething added to enhance food or gasoline or paint or medicine
adductiveadductiveespecially of muscles; bringing together or drawing toward the midline of the body or toward an adjacent part
adjectiveadjectivethe word class that qualifies nouns
adjunctiveadjunctivejoining; forming an adjunct
adjustiveadjustiveconducive to adjustment
adoptiveadoptiveacquired as your own by free choice; "my adopted state"; "an adoptive country"
adsorptiveadsorptivehaving capacity or tendency to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface
advectiveadvectiveof or relating to advection
adventiveadventivenot native and not fully established; locally or temporarily naturalized; "an adventive weed"
affectiveaffectivecharacterized by emotion
afflictiveafflictivecausing misery or pain or distress; "it was a sore trial to him"; "the painful process of growing up"
amativeamativeinclined toward or displaying love; "feeling amorous"
appointiveappointivesubject to appointment
assertiveassertiveaggressively self-assured; "an energetic assertive boy who was always ready to argue"; "pointing directly at a listener is an assertive act"
assistiveassistivegiving assistance
assumptiveassumptiveaccepted as real or true without proof; "the assumed reason for his absence"; "assumptive beliefs"
attentiveattentive(often followed by `to') giving care or attention; "attentive to details"; "the nurse was attentive to her patient"; "an attentive suitor"
attractiveattractivepleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm; "a remarkably attractive young man"; "an attractive personality"; "attractive clothes"; "a book with attractive illustrations"
auditiveauditiveof or relating to the process of hearing; "auditory processing"; "an audile person"
causativecausativeproducing an effect; "poverty as a causative factor in crime"
cognitivecognitiveof or being or relating to or involving cognition; "cognitive psychology"; "cognitive style"
collectivecollectivemembers of a cooperative enterprise
combativecombativehaving or showing a ready disposition to fight; "bellicose young officers"; "a combative impulse"; "a contentious nature"
combustivecombustivesupporting combustion
complaintivecomplaintiveexpressing pain or dissatisfaction of resentment; "a complaining boss"
conceptiveconceptivecapable of conceiving
conductiveconductivehaving the quality or power of conducting heat or electricity or sound; exhibiting conductivity
congestivecongestiverelating to or affected by an abnormal collection of blood or other fluid; "congestive heart disease"
conjunctiveconjunctivean uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences
connectiveconnectivean instrumentality that connects; "he soldered the connection"; "he didn't have the right connector between the amplifier and the speakers"
constrictiveconstrictiverestricting the scope or freedom of action
constructiveconstructiveconstructing or tending to construct or improve or promote development; "constructive criticism"; "a constructive attitude"; "a constructive philosophy"; "constructive permission"
consultiveconsultivegiving advice; "an advisory memorandum", "his function was purely consultative"
consumptiveconsumptivea person with pulmonary tuberculosis
contrastivecontrastivesyntactically establishing a relation of contrast between sentences or elements of a sentence; "disjunctive conjunctions like `but', `or', or `though' serve a contrastive function"
correctivecorrectivea device for treating injury or disease
corruptivecorruptivetending to corrupt or pervert
curativecurativea medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain
deceptivedeceptivedesigned to deceive or mislead either deliberately or inadvertently; "the deceptive calm in the eye of the storm"; "deliberately deceptive packaging"; "a misleading similarity"; "statistics can be presented in ways that are misleading"; "shoddy business practices"
deductivedeductiveinvolving inferences from general principles
defectivedefectivenot working properly; "a bad telephone connection"; "a defective appliance"
deflectivedeflectivecapable of changing the direction (of a light or sound wave)
denotivedenotivehaving the power of explicitly denoting or designating or naming
depictivedepictivedepicted in a recognizable manner
descriptivedescriptivedescribing the structure of a language; "descriptive grammar"
destructivedestructivecausing destruction or much damage; "a policy that is destructive to the economy"; "destructive criticism"
detectivedetectivea police officer who investigates crimes
detractivedetractivecausing to decrease in importance or value; "detractive influences on the volume of investment"
digestivedigestiveany substance that promotes digestion
directivedirectivea pronouncement encouraging or banning some activity; "the boss loves to send us directives"
disjunctivedisjunctiveserving or tending to divide or separate
disruptivedisruptivecharacterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination; "effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive"; "riotous times"; "these troubled areas"; "the tumultuous years of his administration"; "a turbulent and unruly childhood"
distinctivedistinctiveof a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing; "Jerusalem has a distinctive Middle East flavor"- Curtis Wilkie; "that is typical of you!"
durativedurativethe aspect of a verb that expresses its duration
effectiveeffectiveexisting in fact; not theoretical; real; "a decline in the effective demand"; "confused increased equipment and expenditure with the quantity of effective work done"
electiveelectivea course that the student can select from among alternatives
emotiveemotivecharacterized by emotion
eruptiveeruptiveactively spewing out lava; "a geyser is an intermittently eruptive hot spring"
exhaustiveexhaustiveperformed comprehensively and completely; "an exhaustive study"; "made a thorough search"; "thoroughgoing research"
expletiveexpletiveprofane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger; "expletives were deleted"
exploitiveexploitivetending to exploit or make use of
fixativefixativea varnish dissolved in alcohol and sprayed over pictures to prevent smudging
formativeformativeminimal language unit that has a syntactic (or morphological) function
fricativefricativea continuant consonant produced by breath moving against a narrowing of the vocal tract
frustrativefrustrativepreventing realization or attainment of a desire
fugitivefugitivesomeone who is sought by law officers; someone trying to elude justice
genitivegenitivethe case expressing ownership
gustativegustativeof or relating to gustation
hortativehortativegiving strong encouragement
hypoactivehypoactiveabnormally inactive
illativeillativeexpressing or preceding an inference; "`therefore' is an illative word"
inactiveinactivenot active physically or mentally; "illness forced him to live an inactive life"; "dreamy and inactive by nature"
incentiveincentivea positive motivational influence
inchoativeinchoativeaspect with regard to the beginning of the action of the verb
incitiveincitivearousing to action or rebellion
inductiveinductiveinducing or influencing; leading on; "inductive to the sin of Eve"- John Milton
infectiveinfectiveable to cause disease; "infective agents"; "pathogenic bacteria"
inscriptiveinscriptiveof or relating to an inscription
instinctiveinstinctiveunthinking; prompted by (or as if by) instinct; "a cat's natural aversion to water"; "offering to help was as instinctive as breathing"
instructiveinstructiveserving to instruct or enlighten or inform
intuitiveintuitiveobtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation
invectiveinvectiveabusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will
inventiveinventive(used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action; "an imaginative use of material"; "the invention of the knitting frame by another ingenious English clergyman"- Lewis Mumford; "an ingenious device"; "had an inventive turn of mind"; "inventive ceramics"
irruptiveirruptiveof igneous rock that has solidified beneath the earth's surface; granite or diorite or gabbro
laxativelaxativea mild cathartic
leitmotivleitmotiva melodic phrase that accompanies the reappearance of a person or situation (as in Wagner's operas)
lenitivelenitiveremedy that eases pain and discomfort
LermontovLermontovRussian writer (1814-1841)
locativelocativethe semantic role of the noun phrase that designates the place of the state or action denoted by the verb
lucrativelucrativeproducing a sizeable profit; "a remunerative business"
MolotovMolotova city in the European part of Russia
mutativemutativeof or pertaining to or marked by genetic mutation
narrativenarrativea message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program; "his narrative was interesting"; "Disney's stories entertain adults as well as children"
negativenegativea piece of photographic film showing an image with light and shade or colors reversed
nonelectivenonelectivefilled by appointment rather than by election; "a nonelective office"
nonnativenonnativeof plants or animals originating in a part of the world other than where they are growing
normativenormativepertaining to giving directives or rules; "prescriptive grammar is concerned with norms of or rules for correct usage"
nutritivenutritiveof or providing nourishment; "good nourishing stew"
objectiveobjectivethe lens or system of lenses in a telescope or microscope that is nearest the object being viewed
obstructiveobstructivepreventing movement; "the clogging crowds of revelers overflowing into the street"
olfactiveolfactiveof or relating to olfaction
optativeoptativea mood (as in Greek or Sanskrit) that expresses a wish or hope; expressed in English by modal verbs
partitivepartitiveword (such a `some' or `less') that is used to indicate a part as distinct from a whole
perceptiveperceptivehaving the ability to perceive or understand; keen in discernment; "a perceptive eye"; "a perceptive observation"
perfectiveperfectivethe aspect of a verb that expresses a completed action
permeativepermeativespreading or spread throughout; "armed with permeative irony...he punctures affectations"; "the pervasive odor of garlic"; "an error is pervasive if it is material to more than one conclusion"
perspectiveperspectivethe appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer
placativeplacativeintended to pacify by acceding to demands or granting concessions; "the appeasing concessions to the Nazis at Munich"; "placating (or placative) gestures"; "an astonishingly placatory speech"
positivepositivea film showing a photographic image whose tones correspond to those of the original subject
precativeprecativeexpressing entreaty or supplication; "precatory overtures"
predictivepredictiveof or relating to prediction; having value for making predictions
preemptivepreemptivedesigned or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence; "a preemptive business offer"
pre-emptivepre-emptivedesigned or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence; "a preemptive business offer"
prescriptiveprescriptivepertaining to giving directives or rules; "prescriptive grammar is concerned with norms of or rules for correct usage"
presumptivepresumptiveaffording reasonable grounds for belief or acceptance; "presumptive evidence"; "a strong presumptive case is made out"
preventivepreventivean agent or device intended to prevent conception
primitiveprimitivea word serving as the basis for inflected or derived forms; "`pick' is the primitive from which `picket' is derived"
proactiveproactive(of a policy or person or action) controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens
probativeprobativetending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation; "evidence should only be excluded if its probative value was outweighed by its prejudicial effect"
procreativeprocreativeproducing new life or offspring; "the reproductive potential of a species is its relative capacity to reproduce itself under optimal conditions"; "the reproductive or generative organs"
productiveproductivemarked by great fruitfulness; "fertile farmland"; "a fat land"; "a productive vineyard"; "rich soil"
promotivepromotivetending to further or encourage
prospectiveprospectiveof or concerned with or related to the future; "prospective earnings"; "a prospective mother"; "a prospective bride"; "the statute is solely prospective in operation"
protectiveprotective(usually followed by `of') solicitously caring or mindful; "protective of his reputation"
psychoactivepsychoactiveaffecting the mind or mood or other mental processes; "psychoactive drugs"
punitivepunitiveinflicting punishment; "punitive justice"; "punitive damages"
purgativepurgativea purging medicine; stimulates evacuation of the bowels
putativeputativepurported; commonly put forth or accepted as true on inconclusive grounds; "the foundling's putative father"; "the putative author of the book"
quantitivequantitativeexpressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement; "export wheat without quantitative limitations"; "quantitative analysis determines the amounts and proportions of the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture"
receptivereceptiveable to absorb liquid (not repellent); "the paper is ink-receptive"
redemptiveredemptivebringing about salvation or redemption from sin; "saving faith"; "redemptive (or redeeming) love"
reductivereductivecharacterized by or causing diminution or curtailment; "their views of life were reductive and depreciatory" - R.H.Rovere
reflectivereflectivedevoted to matters of the mind; "the reflective type"
refractiverefractivecapable of changing the direction (of a light or sound wave)
rejectiverejectiverejecting or tending to reject; "rejective or overcritical attitudes of disappointed parents"
relativerelativean animal or plant that bears a relationship to another (as related by common descent or by membership in the same genus)
resistiveresistivedisposed to or engaged in defiance of established authority
respectiverespectiveconsidered individually; "the respective club members"; "specialists in their several fields"; "the various reports all agreed"
restrictiverestrictive(of tariff) protective of national interests by restricting imports
retentiveretentivehaving the power, capacity, or quality of retaining water; "soils retentive of moisture"
retroactiveretroactiveaffecting things past; "retroactive tax increase"; "an ex-post-facto law"; "retro pay"
Rh-positiveRh-positiveof persons (or their blood) having the Rh factor present in their red blood cells
sanativesanativetending to cure or restore to health; "curative powers of herbal remedies"; "her gentle healing hand"; "remedial surgery"; "a sanative environment of mountains and fresh air"; "a therapeutic agent"; "therapeutic diets"
SaratovSaratovan industrial city in the European part of Russia
secretivesecretiveinclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information; "although they knew her whereabouts her friends kept close about it"
sedativesedativea drug that reduces excitability and calms a person
seductiveseductivetending to entice into a desired action or state
selectiveselectivetending to select; characterized by careful choice; "an exceptionally quick and selective reader"- John Mason Brown
sensitivesensitivesomeone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead; "he consulted several mediums"
siccativesiccativea substance that promotes drying (e.g., calcium oxide absorbs water and is used to remove moisture)
subjectivesubjectiveof a mental act performed entirely within the mind; "a cognition is an immanent act of mind"
subjunctivesubjunctivea mood that represents an act or state (not as a fact but) as contingent or possible
substantivesubstantiveany word or group of words functioning as a noun
subtractivesubtractiveconstituting or involving subtraction; "a subtractive correction"
suggestivesuggestivetending to suggest something improper or indecent; "a suggestive nod"; "suggestive poses"
summativesummativeof or relating to a summation or produced by summation
supportivesupportivefurnishing support or assistance; "a supportive family network"; "his family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer"
talkativetalkativefriendly and open and willing to talk; "wine made the guest expansive"
tentativetentativeunder terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon; "probationary employees"; "a provisional government"; "just a tentative schedule"
transitivetransitivea verb (or verb construction) that requires an object in order to be grammatical
uncreativeuncreativenot creative; "an uncreative imagination"
unreactiveunreactive(chemistry) not reacting chemically
vegetivevegetiveof or relating to an activity that is passive and monotonous; "a dull vegetative lifestyle"
vindictivevindictiveshowing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by spite; "a despiteful fiend"; "a truly spiteful child"; "a vindictive man will look for occasions for resentment"
vocativevocativethe case (in some inflected languages) used when the referent of the noun is being addressed
vomitivevomitivea medicine that induces nausea and vomiting

Rhymes with 4 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
accusativeaccusativethe case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb
acquisitiveacquisitiveeager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas; "an acquisitive mind"; "an acquisitive society in which the craving for material things seems never satisfied"
adaptativeadaptativehaving a capacity for adaptation; "the adaptive coloring of a chameleon"
adumbrativeadumbrativeindistinctly prophetic
adversativeadversativeexpressing antithesis or opposition; "the adversative conjunction `but' in `poor but happy'"
affirmativeaffirmativea reply of affirmation; "he answered in the affirmative"
affricativeaffricativea composite speech sound consisting of a stop and a fricative articulated at the same point (as `ch' in `chair' and `j' in `joy')
aggregativeaggregativeformed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole; "aggregate expenses include expenses of all divisions combined for the entire year"; "the aggregated amount of indebtedness"
agitativeagitativecausing or tending to cause anger or resentment; "a provoking delay at the airport"
alterativealterativetending to cure or restore to health; "curative powers of herbal remedies"; "her gentle healing hand"; "remedial surgery"; "a sanative environment of mountains and fresh air"; "a therapeutic agent"; "therapeutic diets"
alternativealternativeone of a number of things from which only one can be chosen; "what option did I have?"; "there no other alternative"; "my only choice is to refuse"
appellativeappellativeidentifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others
apperceptiveapperceptiveable to relate new percepts to past experience
appetitiveappetitiveof or relating to appetite; "appetitive needs"
applicativeapplicativereadily applicable or practical
appositiveappositiverelating to or being in apposition; "an appositive noun"
approbativeapprobativeexpressing or manifesting praise or approval; "approbative criticism"; "an affirmative nod"
arbitrativearbitrativerelating to or having the authority to arbitrate; "an arbitrative board"
attributiveattributiveof adjectives; placed before the nouns they modify; "`red' is an attributive adjective in `a red apple'"
augmentativeaugmentativeintensifying by augmentation and enhancement
automotiveautomotivecontaining within itself the means of propulsion or movement; "a self-propelled vehicle"
benedictivebenedictiveexpressing benediction
calculativecalculativeused of persons; "the most calculating and selfish men in the community"
calefactivecalefactiveserving to heat; "a heating pad is calefactory"
capacitivecapacitiveof or relating to capacitance
carminativecarminativemedication that prevents the formation of gas in the alimentary tract or eases its passing
chemisorptivechemisorptivehaving the capacity to adsorb by chemical as contrasted with physical forces
chemosorptivechemosorptivehaving the capacity to adsorb by chemical as contrasted with physical forces
chylifactivechylifactiveproducing or converting into chyle
circulativecirculativeof or relating to circulation
cogitativecogitativegiven to cogitation; "he looked at me with cogitative eyes"
combinativecombinativemarked by or relating to or resulting from combination
commutativecommutative(of a binary operation) independent of order; as in e.g. "a x b = b x a"
comparativecomparativethe comparative form of an adjective or adverb; "`faster' is the comparative of the adjective `fast'"; "`less famous' is the comparative degree of the adjective `famous'"; "`more surely' is the comparative of the adverb `surely'"
competitivecompetitiveshowing a fighting disposition; "highly competitive sales representative"; "militant in fighting for better wages for workers"; "his self-assertive and ubiquitous energy"
confirmativeconfirmativeserving to support or corroborate; "collateral evidence"
confutativeconfutativeable to be refuted
connotativeconnotativehaving the power of implying or suggesting something in addition to what is explicit
consecutiveconsecutiveone after the other; "back-to-back home runs"
ConservativeConservativea person who is reluctant to accept changes and new ideas
conspirativeconspirativerelating to or characteristic of conspiracy or conspirators; "a conspiratorial whisper"; "the discovery of possible conspirative codes"
constitutiveconstitutiveconstitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)
consultativeconsultativegiving advice; "an advisory memorandum", "his function was purely consultative"
contemplativecontemplativea person devoted to the contemplative life
contraceptivecontraceptivean agent or device intended to prevent conception
contributivecontributivetending to bring about; being partly responsible for; "working conditions are not conducive to productivity"; "the seaport was a contributing factor in the growth of the city"; "a contributory factor"
cooperativecooperativea jointly owned commercial enterprise (usually organized by farmers or consumers) that produces and distributes goods and services and is run for the benefit of its owners
co-operativecooperativea jointly owned commercial enterprise (usually organized by farmers or consumers) that produces and distributes goods and services and is run for the benefit of its owners
coordinativecoordinativeserving to connect two grammatical constituents of identical construction; "`and' in `John and Mary' or in `John walked and Mary rode' is a coordinating conjunction; and so is `or' in `will you go or stay?'"
copulativecopulativean equating verb (such as `be' or `become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence
correlativecorrelativeeither of two or more related or complementary variables
cost-effectivecost-effectiveproductive relative to the cost
counteractivecounteractiveopposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action
criminativecriminativecharging or suggestive of guilt or blame; "incriminatory testimony"
cumulativecumulativeincreasing by successive addition; "the benefits are cumulative"; "the eventual accumulative effect of these substances"
declarativedeclarativea mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact
decorativedecorativeserving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose; "cosmetic fenders on cars"; "the buildings were utilitarian rather than decorative"
definitivedefinitivesupplying or being a final or conclusive settlement; "a definitive verdict"; "a determinate answer to the problem"
delineativedelineativedepicted in a recognizable manner
demonstrativedemonstrativea pronoun that points out an intended referent
denigrativedenigrative(used of statements) harmful and often untrue; tending to discredit or malign
denotativedenotativehaving the power of explicitly denoting or designating or naming
deprecativedeprecativegiven to expressing disapproval
derivativederivativethe result of mathematical differentiation; the instantaneous change of one quantity relative to another; df(x)/dx
derogativederogativeexpressive of low opinion; "derogatory comments"; "disparaging remarks about the new house"
designativedesignativeserving to designate
detonativedetonativeexploding almost instantaneously
diminutivediminutivea word that is formed with a suffix (such as -let or -kin) to indicate smallness
disincentivedisincentivea negative motivational influence
disputativedisputativeinclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits; "a style described as abrasive and contentious"; "a disputatious lawyer"; "a litigious and acrimonious spirit"
distributivedistributiveserving to distribute or allot or disperse
educativeeducativeresulting in education; "an educative experience"
evocativeevocativeserving to bring to mind; "cannot forbear to close on this redolent literary note"- Wilder Hobson; "a campaign redolent of machine politics"
excitativeexcitative(of drugs e.g.) able to excite or stimulate
executiveexecutivepersons who administer the law
exhortativeexhortativegiving strong encouragement
expiativeexpiativehaving power to atone for or offered by way of expiation or propitiation; "expiatory (or propitiatory) sacrifice"
exploitativeexploitativetending to exploit or make use of
explorativeexplorativeserving in or intended for exploration or discovery; "an exploratory operation"; "exploratory reconnaissance"; "digging an exploratory well in the Gulf of Mexico"; "exploratory talks between diplomats"
expositiveexpositiveserving to expound or set forth; "clean expository writing"
extravertiveextravertivebeing concerned with the social and physical environment
extrospectiveextrospectivenot introspective; examining what is outside yourself
extrovertiveextrovertivebeing concerned with the social and physical environment
facultativefacultativenot compulsory; "facultative courses in the sciences"
figurativefigurative(used of the meanings of words or text) not literal; using figures of speech; "figurative language"
generativegenerativeproducing new life or offspring; "the reproductive potential of a species is its relative capacity to reproduce itself under optimal conditions"; "the reproductive or generative organs"
Gram-negativeGram-negative(of bacteria) being of or relating to a bacterium that does not retain the violet stain used in Gram's method
Gram-positiveGram-positive(of bacteria) being or relating to a bacterium that retains the violet stain used in Gram's method
gravitativegravitativeof or relating to or caused by gravitation
hyperactivehyperactivemore active than normal; "a hyperactive child"
illustrativeillustrativeclarifying by use of examples
imitativeimitativenot genuine; imitating something superior; "counterfeit emotion"; "counterfeit money"; "counterfeit works of art"; "a counterfeit prince"
imperativeimperativesome duty that is essential and urgent
imperfectiveimperfectiveaspect without regard to the beginning or completion of the action of the verb
implicativeimplicativetending to suggest or imply; "artifacts suggestive of an ancient society"; "an implicative statement"
inattentiveinattentiveshowing a lack of attention or care; "inattentive students"; "an inattentive babysitter"
inculpativeinculpativecausing blame to be imputed to
indicativeindicativea mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact
ineffectiveineffectivelacking the ability or skill to perform effectively; inadequate; "an ineffective administration"; "inefficient workers"
infinitiveinfinitivethe uninflected form of the verb
informativeinformativeproviding or conveying information
initiativeinitiativethe first of a series of actions
innovativeinnovativebeing or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before; "stylistically innovative works"; "innovative members of the artistic community"; "a mind so innovational, so original"
inquisitiveinquisitiveshowing curiosity; "if someone saw a man climbing a light post they might get inquisitive"; "raised a speculative eyebrow"
insensitiveinsensitivenot responsive to physical stimuli; "insensitive to radiation"
instigativeinstigativearousing to action or rebellion
integrativeintegrativetending to consolidate
interactiveinteractiveused especially of drugs or muscles that work together so the total effect is greater than the sum of the two (or more)
interpretiveinterpretivethat provides interpretation
intransitiveintransitivea verb (or verb construction) that does not take an object
introspectiveintrospectivegiven to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences
introvertiveintrovertivedirected inward; marked by interest in yourself or concerned with inner feelings
irrespectiveirrespectivein spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks; "he carried on regardless of the difficulties"
irritativeirritative(used of physical stimuli) serving to stimulate or excite; "an irritative agent"
iterativeiterativethe aspect of the verb that expresses the repetition of an action
legislativelegislativeof or relating to or created by legislation; "legislative proposal"
light-sensitivelight-sensitivesensitive to visible light; "photographic film is light-sensitive"
locomotivelocomotivea wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks
macerativemacerativeaccompanied by or characterized by maceration; "macerative degeneration of the liver"
maladaptivemaladaptiveshowing faulty adaptation
maladjustivemaladjustivepoorly adjusted
medicativemedicativehaving the properties of medicine; "medicative drugs"; "medicinal herbs"; "medicinal properties"
meditativemeditativedeeply or seriously thoughtful; "Byron lives on not only in his poetry, but also in his creation of the 'Byronic hero' - the persona of a brooding melancholy young man";
mitigativemitigativemoderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear
motivativemotivativeimpelling to action; "it may well be that ethical language has primarily a motivative function"- Arthur Pap; "motive pleas"; "motivating arguments"
nociceptivenociceptivecaused by or in response to pain; "a nociceptive spinal reflex"
nominativenominativethe category of nouns serving as the grammatical subject of a verb
nonabsorptivenonabsorptivenot capable of absorbing or soaking up (liquids)
nonadaptivenonadaptive(of a trait or condition) failing to serve an adjustive purpose; "dysfunctional behavior"
nonaddictivenonaddictivenot causing or characterized by addiction; "for years tobacco companies have contended that tobacco is nonaddictive"
nonadsorptivenonadsorptivelacking a capacity to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface
nonappointivenonappointivefilled by popular election rather than by appointment
nonassertivenonassertivenot aggressively self-assured, though not necessarily lacking in confidence; "she was quiet and nonassertive as she took control"
noncausativenoncausativenot causative
nonconductivenonconductivenot able to conduct heat or electricity or sound
nonexplorativenonexplorativenot exploratory
nonnegativenonnegativeeither positive or zero
nonnormativenonnormativenot based on a norm
nonobjectivenonobjectivenot representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature; "a large abstract painting"
nonproductivenonproductivenot directly productive; "nonproductive labor"
nonpsychoactivenonpsychoactivenot affecting the mind or mental processes; "a nonpsychoactive pain reliever"
nonreflectivenonreflectivenot capable of physical reflection
nonrestrictivenonrestrictivenot limiting the reference of a modified word or phrase; "the nonrestrictive clause in `I always buy his books, which have influenced me greatly,' refers to his books generally and adds an additional fact about them"
nonsensitivenonsensitivenever having had security classification
nonsubjectivenonsubjectiveundistorted by emotion or personal bias; based on observable phenomena; "an objective appraisal"; "objective evidence"
operativeoperativesomeone who can be employed as a detective to collect information
oppositiveoppositiveexpressing antithesis or opposition; "the adversative conjunction `but' in `poor but happy'"
overactiveoveractivemore active than normal; "a hyperactive child"
oxidativeoxidativetaking place in the presence of oxygen; "oxidative glycolysis"; "oxidative rancidity"
palliativepalliativeremedy that alleviates pain without curing
pejorativepejorativeexpressing disapproval; "dyslogistic terms like `nitwit' and `scalawag'"
penetrativepenetrativetending to penetrate; having the power of entering or piercing; "a toxic penetrative spray applied to the surface"; "a cold penetrating wind"; "a penetrating odor"
postpositivepostpositive(of a modifier) placed after another word
precognitiveprecognitiveforeseeing the future
predicativepredicativeof adjectives; relating to or occurring within the predicate of a sentence; "`red' is a predicative adjective in `the apple is red'"
preparativepreparativepreceding and preparing for something; "preparatory steps"
prerogativeprerogativea right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right); "suffrage was the prerogative of white adult males"
preservativepreservativea chemical compound that is added to protect against decay or decomposition
preventativepreventativean agent or device intended to prevent conception
prohibitiveprohibitivetending to discourage (especially of prices); "the price was prohibitive"
propagativepropagativecharacterized by propagation or relating to propagation
propitiativepropitiativeintended to reconcile or appease; "sent flowers as a propitiatory gesture"
provocativeprovocativeserving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate; stimulating discussion or exciting controversy; "a provocative remark"; "a provocative smile"; "provocative Irish tunes which...compel the hearers to dance"- Anthony Trollope
putrefactiveputrefactivecausing or promoting bacterial putrefaction
qualitativequalitativeinvolving distinctions based on qualities; "qualitative change"; "qualitative data"; "qualitative analysis determines the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture"
quantitativequantitativeexpressible as a quantity or relating to or susceptible of measurement; "export wheat without quantitative limitations"; "quantitative analysis determines the amounts and proportions of the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture"
rebarbativerebarbativeserving or tending to repel; "he became rebarbative and prickly and spiteful"; "I find his obsequiousness repellent"
recitativerecitativea vocal passage of narrative text that a singer delivers with natural rhythms of speech
recollectiverecollectivegood at remembering; "a retentive mind"; "tenacious memory"
reconstructivereconstructivehelping to restore to good condition; "reconstructive surgery"; "rehabilitative exercises"
reformativereformativetending to reform; "reformative and rehabilitative agencies"; "reformatory punishment"
regulativeregulativerestricting according to rules or principles; "a regulatory gene"
reiterativereiterativemarked by iteration
repetitiverepetitiverepetitive and persistent; "the bluejay's insistent cry"
reproductivereproductiveproducing new life or offspring; "the reproductive potential of a species is its relative capacity to reproduce itself under optimal conditions"; "the reproductive or generative organs"
restorativerestorativea device for treating injury or disease
retributiveretributivegiven or inflicted in requital according to merits or deserts; "retributive justice"
retrospectiveretrospectivean exhibition of a representative selection of an artist's life work
ruminativeruminativedeeply or seriously thoughtful; "Byron lives on not only in his poetry, but also in his creation of the 'Byronic hero' - the persona of a brooding melancholy young man";
self-assertiveself-assertiveaggressively self-assured; "an energetic assertive boy who was always ready to argue"; "pointing directly at a listener is an assertive act"
self-destructiveself-destructivedangerous to yourself or your interests; "suicidal impulses"; "a suicidal corporate takeover strategy"; "a kamikaze pilot"
separativeseparative(of a word) referring singly and without exception to the members of a group; "whereas `each,' `every,' `either,' `neither,' and `none' are distributive or referring to a single member of a group, `which' in `which of the men' is separative"
speculativespeculativeshowing curiosity; "if someone saw a man climbing a light post they might get inquisitive"; "raised a speculative eyebrow"
sternutativesternutativecausing sneezing; "pepper is a sternutatory substance"
stimulativestimulativecapable of arousing or accelerating physiological or psychological activity or response by a chemical agent
substantiativesubstantiativeserving to support or corroborate; "collateral evidence"
suffocativesuffocativecausing difficulty in breathing especially through lack of fresh air and presence of heat; "the choking June dust"; "the smothering soft voices"; "smothering heat"; "the room was suffocating--hot and airless"
superlativesuperlativethe superlative form of an adjective or adverb; "`fastest' is the superlative of the adjective `fast'"; "`least famous' is the superlative degree of the adjective `famous'"; "`most surely' is the superlative of the adverb `surely'"
suppurativesuppurativerelating to or characterized by suppuration
surface-activesurface-activecapable of lowering the surface tension of a liquid; used especially of detergents
terminativeterminativecoming to an end; "a contract terminative with the end of the war"
ulcerativeulcerativeof or relating to or characterized by ulceration; "ulcerative colitis"
unassertiveunassertiveinclined to timidity or lack of self-confidence; "a shy unassertive person"
unattractiveunattractivelacking beauty or charm; "as unattractive as most mining regions"
unconstructiveunconstructivenot constructive
underactiveunderactiveabnormally inactive
undescriptiveundescriptivenot successful in describing
uneffectiveuneffectivenot producing an intended effect; "an ineffective teacher"; "ineffective legislation"
uninstructiveuninstructivefailing to instruct
uninventiveuninventivedeficient in originality or creativity; lacking powers of invention; "a sterile ideology lacking in originality"; "unimaginative development of a musical theme"; "uninspired writing"
unobjectiveunobjective(of e.g. evidence) not objective or easily verified
unperceptiveunperceptivelacking sensitivity, taste, or judgment
unpredictiveunpredictivehaving no predictive value
unproductiveunproductivenot producing desired results; "the talks between labor and management were unproductive"
unprotectiveunprotectivenot affording protection
unreceptiveunreceptivenot receptive
unreflectiveunreflectivenot exhibiting or characterized by careful thought
unrestrictiveunrestrictivenot tending to restrict
unretentiveunretentive(of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range; "a short memory"
unseductiveunseductivenot seductive
unselectiveunselectivenot selective or discriminating; "unselective in her reading habits; her choices seemed completely random"
unsupportiveunsupportivenot furnishing support or assistance
untalkativeuntalkativetemperamentally disinclined to talk
unvindictiveunvindictivenot vindictive
vegetativevegetative(of reproduction) characterized by asexual processes
violativeviolativeviolating or tending to violate or offend against; "violative of the principles of liberty"; "considered such depravity offensive against all laws of humanity"

Rhymes with 5 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
accelerativeaccelerativetending to increase velocity
accommodativeaccommodativehelpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation; "the warden was always accommodating in allowing visitors in"; "made a special effort to be accommodating"
acculturativeacculturativeof or relating to acculturation
accumulativeaccumulativemarked by acquiring or amassing; "we live in an accumulative society"
adjudicativeadjudicativeconcerned with adjudicating
administrativeadministrativeof or relating to or responsible for administration
agglomerativeagglomerativeclustered together but not coherent; "an agglomerated flower head"
agglutinativeagglutinativeunited as if by glue
alimentativealimentativerelated to the supply of aliment
alleviativealleviativemoderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear
alliterativealliterativehaving the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable; "alliterative verse"
amalgamativeamalgamativecharacterized by or tending toward amalgamation
annihilativeannihilativewreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction; "possessing annihilative power"; "a devastating hurricane"; "the guns opened a withering fire"
anticipativeanticipativemarked by eager anticipation; "an expectant hush"
appreciativeappreciativehaving or showing appreciation or a favorable critical judgment or opinion; "appreciative of a beautiful landscape"; "an appreciative laugh from the audience"
appropriativeappropriativeof or relating to or given to the act of taking for yourself
approximativeapproximativenot quite exact or correct; "the approximate time was 10 o'clock"; "a rough guess"; "a ballpark estimate"
argumentativeargumentativegiven to or characterized by argument; "an argumentative discourse"; "argumentative to the point of being cantankerous"; "an intelligent but argumentative child"
articulativearticulativeof or relating to articulation; "articulatory features"; "articulatory phonetics"
assimilativeassimilativecapable of taking (gas, light, or liquids) into a solution; "an assimilative substance
associativeassociativecharacterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination ; "associative learning"
authoritativeauthoritativesanctioned by established authority; "an authoritative communique"; "the authorized biography"
chemoreceptivechemoreceptiveof or relating to chemoreceptors
collaborativecollaborativeaccomplished by collaboration; "collaborative research"
commemorativecommemorativean object (such as a coin or postage stamp) made to mark an event or honor a person
commiserativecommiserativefeeling or expressing sympathy; "made commiserative clicking sounds with his tongue"- Kenneth Roberts
communicativecommunicativeable or tending to communicate; "was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew"- W.M.Thackeray
conciliativeconciliativeintended to placate; "spoke in a conciliating tone"; "a conciliatory visit"
confederativeconfederativeunited in a confederacy or league
consolidativeconsolidativetending to consolidate
contaminativecontaminativemaking impure by contact or mixing
continuativecontinuativean uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences
corroborativecorroborativeserving to support or corroborate; "collateral evidence"
counterintuitivecounterintuitivecontrary to what common sense would suggest
counterproductivecounterproductivetending to hinder the achievement of a goal
debilitativedebilitativecausing debilitation
degenerativedegenerative(of illness) marked by gradual deterioration of organs and cells along with loss of function; "degenerative diseases of old age"
deliberativedeliberativeinvolved in or characterized by deliberation and discussion and examination; "a deliberative body"
denunciativedenunciativecontaining warning of punishment
depreciativedepreciativetending to diminish or disparage; "belittling comments"; "managed a deprecating smile at the compliment"; "deprecatory remarks about the book"; "a slighting remark"
determinativedeterminativea determining or causal element or factor; "education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life"
discriminativediscriminativeexpressing careful judgment; "discriminative censure"; "a biography ...appreciative and yet judicial in purpose"-Tyler Dennett
disintegrativedisintegrativetending to cause breakup into constituent elements or parts
disseminativedisseminativespreading by diffusion
dissimulativedissimulativeconcealing under a false appearance with the intent to deceive; "dissimulative arts"
dissociativedissociativetending to produce dissociation
electromotiveelectromotiveconcerned with or producing electric current
elucidativeelucidativethat makes clear; "a clarifying example"
emancipativeemancipativetending to set free
evaluativeevaluativeexercising or involving careful evaluations; "looked him over with an appraising eye"; "the literary judge uses many evaluative terms"
evaporativeevaporativerelating to or causing or being caused by evaporation; "an evaporative cooler"
excogitativeexcogitativeconcerned with excogitating or having the power of excogitation
exonerativeexonerativeproviding absolution
exteroceptiveexteroceptiveof or relating to exteroception
facilitativefacilitativefreeing from difficulty or impediment; "facilitative changes in the economic structure"
fire-resistivefire-resistivedifficult to burn
frequentativefrequentativea verb form that serves to express frequent repetition of an action
hypersensitivehypersensitivehaving an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor); "allergic children"; "hypersensitive to pollen"
imaginativeimaginative(used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action; "an imaginative use of material"; "the invention of the knitting frame by another ingenious English clergyman"- Lewis Mumford; "an ingenious device"; "had an inventive turn of mind"; "inventive ceramics"
incorporativeincorporativegrowing by taking over and incorporating adjacent territories; "the Russian Empire was a typical incorporative state"
inoperativeinoperativenot working or taking effect; "an inoperative law"
interoceptiveinteroceptiveof or relating to interoception
interpretativeinterpretativethat provides interpretation
interrogativeinterrogativea sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply; "he asked a direct question"; "he had trouble phrasing his interrogations"
investigativeinvestigativedesigned to find information or ascertain facts; "a fact-finding committee"; "investigative reporting"
justificativejustificativeproviding justification
manipulativemanipulativeskillful in influencing or controlling others to your own advantage; "the early manipulative techniques of a three-year-old child"
meliorativemeliorativetending to ameliorate
multiplicativemultiplicativetending or having the power to multiply or increase in number or quantity or degree; "the multiplicative tendency of proportional representation"
noncombinativenoncombinativenot involving combination
noncompetitivenoncompetitivenot involving competition or competitiveness; "noncompetitive positions"; "noncompetitive interest in games"
nonfigurativenonfigurativenot representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature; "a large abstract painting"
nonimitativenonimitativenot marked by or given to imitation
nonrepetitivenonrepetitivemarked by the absence of repetition; "nonrepetitive DNA sequence"; "nonrepetitive dance movements"
nonsuppurativenonsuppurativenot suppurative
opinionativeopinionativeobstinate in your opinions
originativeoriginativehaving the ability or power to create; "a creative imagination"
overprotectiveoverprotectiveoverly protective; "overprotective parents"
oversensitiveoversensitiveunduly sensitive or thin-skinned
photoconductivephotoconductiveof or relating to photoconductivity; "selenium is a photoconductive substance"
photosensitivephotosensitivesensitive to visible light; "photographic film is light-sensitive"
postoperativepostoperativehappening or done after a surgical operation; "postoperative complications"; "postoperative care"
prefigurativeprefigurativeindistinctly prophetic
preoperativepreoperativehappening or done before and in preparation for a surgical operation
prognosticativeprognosticativeof or relating to prediction; having value for making predictions
proprioceptiveproprioceptiveof or relating to proprioception
radioactiveradioactiveexhibiting or caused by radioactivity; "radioactive isotope"; "radioactive decay"; "radioactive fallout"
reciprocativereciprocativemoving alternately backward and forward
recriminativerecriminativecountering one charge with another; "recriminatory arguments"
recuperativerecuperativepromoting recuperation; "recuperative powers"; "strongly recuperative remedies"; "restorative effects of exercise"
remunerativeremunerativefor which money is paid; "a paying job"; "remunerative work"; "salaried employment"; "stipendiary services"
renunciativerenunciativeused especially of behavior
representativerepresentativean item of information that is typical of a class or group; "this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome"; "there is an example on page 10"
repudiativerepudiativerejecting emphatically; e.g. refusing to pay or disowning; "a veto is a repudiative act"
reverberativereverberativecharacterized by resonance; "a resonant voice"; "hear the rolling thunder"
sanctionativesanctionativeimplying sanction or serving to sanction; "the guardian's duties were primarily sanctionative rather than administrative"
semiconductivesemiconductivehaving characteristics of a semiconductor; that is having electrical conductivity greater than insulators but less than good conductors
significativesignificative(usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly; "actions indicative of fear"
subordinativesubordinativeserving to connect a subordinate clause to a main clause; "`when' in `I will come when I can' is a subordinating conjunction"
supersensitivesupersensitivehaving an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor); "allergic children"; "hypersensitive to pollen"
unacquisitiveunacquisitivenot acquisitive; not interested in acquiring or owning anything
uncompetitiveuncompetitivenot inclined to compete
uncooperativeuncooperativeintentionally unaccommodating; "the action was not offensive to him but proved somewhat disobliging"
undemonstrativeundemonstrativenot given to open expression of emotion
underivativeunderivativenot derivative or imitative; "a natural underivative poet"
unexplorativeunexplorativenot exploratory
uninformativeuninformativelacking information
uninquisitiveuninquisitivedeficient in curiosity
unmedicativeunmedicativenot having a medicinal effect or not medically prescribed; "he took mind-altering drugs for nonmedicinal reasons"
unprovocativeunprovocativenot provocative
vasoconstrictivevasoconstrictiveany agent that causes a narrowing of an opening of a blood vessel: cold or stress or nicotine or epinephrine or norepinephrine or angiotensin or vasopressin or certain drugs; maintains or increases blood pressure
vituperativevituperativemarked by harshly abusive criticism; "his scathing remarks about silly lady novelists"; "her vituperative railing"

Rhymes with 6 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
ameliorativeameliorativetending to ameliorate
electronegativeelectronegativehaving a negative charge; "electrons are negative"
electropositiveelectropositivehaving a positive charge; "protons are positive"
incommunicativeincommunicativenot inclined to talk or give information or express opinions
neoconservativeneoconservativea conservative who subscribes to neoconservatism
nonassociativenonassociativenot associative
nonradioactivenonradioactivenot radioactive
nonrepresentativenonrepresentativenot standing for something else
nonrepresentativesnonrepresentativenot standing for something else
radiosensitiveradiosensitivesensitive to radiation; "radiosensitive cancer cells can be treated with radiotherapy"
ratiocinativeratiocinativebased on exact thinking; "one's ratiocinative powers"
rehabilitativerehabilitativehelping to restore to good condition; "reconstructive surgery"; "rehabilitative exercises"
ultraconservativeultraconservativean extreme conservative; an opponent of progress or liberalism
ultraconservativesultraconservativean extreme conservative; an opponent of progress or liberalism
unappreciativeunappreciativenot feeling or expressing gratitude; "unappreciative of nature's bounty"
unargumentativeunargumentativenot given to or characterized by argument
uncommunicativeuncommunicativenot inclined to talk or give information or express opinions
unimaginativeunimaginativelacking spontaneity or originality or individuality; "stereotyped phrases of condolence"; "even his profanity was unimaginative"
unremunerativeunremunerativenot yielding profit or recompense; "an unremunerative occupation"
unrepresentativeunrepresentativenot exemplifying a class; "I soon tumbled to the fact that my weekends were atypical"; "behavior quite unrepresentative (or atypical) of the profession"

Rhymes with 7 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
anticoagulativeanticoagulativeof or relating to an anticoagulant
surface-assimilativesurface-assimilativehaving capacity or tendency to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface

Rhymes with 8 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
keratoconjunctivitiskeratoconjunctivitisinflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva

Rhymes with 9 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
keratoconjunctivitiseskeratoconjunctivitisinflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva

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