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List of near rhymes for the word: handle


Rhymes with 1 syllable

WordBase wordDefinition
dahldahlsmall highly nutritious seed of the tropical pigeon-pea plant
DailDailthe lower house of the parliament of the Irish Republic
daldala metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 10 liters
DaleDalean open river valley (in a hilly area)
dealdealthe act of apportioning or distributing something; "the captain was entrusted with the deal of provisions"
delldella small wooded hollow
dhaldhaltropical woody herb with showy yellow flowers and flat pods; much cultivated in the tropics
dholedholefierce wild dog of the forests of central and southeast Asia that hunts in packs
dilldillaromatic threadlike foliage of the dill plant used as seasoning
dirndldirndla dress with a tight bodice and full skirt
dldla metric unit of volume equal to one tenth of a liter
doldolthe federal department responsible for promoting the working conditions of wage earners in the United States; created in 1913
doledolemoney received from the state
dolldolla small replica of a person; used as a toy
duelduelany struggle between two skillful opponents (individuals or groups)
dulldullmake less lively or vigorous; "Middle age dulled her appetite for travel"
dwelldwellthink moodily or anxiously about something
HDLHDLa lipoprotein that transports cholesterol in the blood; composed of a high proportion of protein and relatively little cholesterol; high levels are thought to be associated with decreased risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis
ldlldla lipoprotein that transports cholesterol in the blood; composed of moderate amount of protein and a large amount of cholesterol; high levels are thought to be associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis
pdlpdla unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 foot/sec/sec to a mass of 1 pound; equal to 0.1382 newtons

Rhymes with 2 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
addleaddlebecome rotten; "addled eggs"
aldolaldolan oily colorless liquid obtained by the condensation of two molecules of acetaldehyde; contains an alcohol group (-OH) and an aldehyde group (-CHO)
audileaudileone whose mental imagery is auditory rather than visual or motor
beadlebeadlea minor parish official who serves a ceremonial function
boodleboodlea gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops; the player who plays a card matching one in the layout wins all the chips on that card
bradawlbradawlan awl for making small holes for brads or small screws
bridalbridalarchaic terms for a wedding or wedding feast
bridlebridlethe act of restraining power or action or limiting excess; "his common sense is a bridle to his quick temper"
brindlebrindlehaving a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring; used especially of the patterned fur of cats
bundlebundlea package of several things tied together for carrying or storing
CaldwellCaldwellUnited States author remembered for novels about poverty and degeneration (1903-1987)
candlecandlestick of wax with a wick in the middle
caudalcaudalsituated in or directed toward the part of the body from which the tail arises; "caudal fins"; "the caudal end of the body"
chandellechandellea flight maneuver consisting of a steep climbing turn executed to gain altitude while changing direction
chordalchordalrelating to or consisting of or emphasizing chords; "chordal assonance in modern music"; "chordal rather than contrapuntal music"
coddlecoddlecook in nearly boiling water; "coddle eggs"
condolecondoleexpress one's sympathetic grief, on the occasion of someone's death; "You must condole the widow"
condylecondylea round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone
cradlecradlea baby bed with sides and rockers
credalcredalof or relating to a creed
creedalcreedalof or relating to a creed
cuddlecuddlea close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace
curdlecurdleturn from a liquid to a solid mass; "his blood curdled"
daedaldaedal(Greek mythology) an Athenian inventor who built the labyrinth of Minos; to escape the labyrinth he fashioned wings for himself and his son Icarus
dandledandlepet; "the grandfather dandled the small child"
dawdledawdlehang (back) or fall (behind) in movement, progress, development, etc.
dialdialthe face of a timepiece; graduated to show the hours
diddlediddlemanipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination; "She played nervously with her wedding ring"; "Don't fiddle with the screws"; "He played with the idea of running for the Senate"
dioldiolany of a class of alcohols having 2 hydroxyl groups in each molecule
doddledoddlean easy task
doodledoodlean aimless drawing
doweldowela fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them together
dualduala grammatical number category referring to two items or units as opposed to one item (singular) or more than two items (plural); "ancient Greek had the dual form but it has merged with the plural form in modern Greek"
dwindledwindlebecome smaller or lose substance; "Her savings dwindled down"
end-allend-allthe ultimate goal; "human beings are not the end-all of evolution"
fardelfardela burden (figuratively in the form of a bundle)
feudalfeudalof or relating to or characteristic of feudalism
fiddlefiddlebowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family; this instrument has four strings and a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard and is played with a bow
fondlefondletouch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner; "He caressed her face"; "They fondled in the back seat of the taxi"
fuddlefuddlea confused multitude of things
gildhallgildhallthe meeting place of a medieval guild
girdlegirdlea woman's close-fitting foundation garment
goodwillgoodwilla disposition to kindness and compassion; "the victor's grace in treating the vanquished"
griddlegriddlecooking utensil consisting of a flat heated surface (as on top of a stove) on which food is cooked
grindlegrindleprimitive long-bodied carnivorous freshwater fish with a very long dorsal fin; found in sluggish waters of North America
guildhallguildhallthe hall of a guild or corporation
hadalhadalrelating to the deepest parts of the ocean (below 6000 meters)
HandelHandelthe music of Handel
handlehandlethe appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it; "he grabbed the hammer by the handle"; "it was an old briefcase but it still had a good grip"
handwheelhandwheelcontrol consisting of a wheel whose rim serves as the handle by which a part is operated
heimdalheimdal(Norse mythology) god of dawn and light; guardian of Asgard
HeimdallHeimdall(Norse mythology) god of dawn and light; guardian of Asgard
holdallholdalla capacious bag or basket
huddlehuddle(informal) a quick private conference
hurdlehurdlethe act of jumping over an obstacle
idealidealthe idea of something that is perfect; something that one hopes to attain
idleidlethe state of an engine or other mechanism that is idling; "the car engine was running at idle"
idolidola material effigy that is worshipped; "thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image"; "money was his god"
idylidyla short poem descriptive of rural or pastoral life
idyllidylla short poem descriptive of rural or pastoral life
indwellindwellto exist as an inner activating spirit, force, or principle
KendalKendala green dye, often used to color cloth, which is obtained from the woad plant
KendallKendallUnited States biochemist who discovered cortisone (1886-1972)
kindlekindlecall forth (emotions, feelings, and responses); "arouse pity"; "raise a smile"; "evoke sympathy"
ladleladlea spoon-shaped vessel with a long handle; frequently used to transfer liquids from one container to another
medalmedalan award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
meddlemeddleintrude in other people's affairs or business; interfere unwantedly; "Don't meddle in my affairs!"
MendelMendelAugustinian monk and botanist whose experiments in breeding garden peas led to his eventual recognition as founder of the science of genetics (1822-1884)
middlemiddlethe middle area of the human torso (usually in front); "young American women believe that a bare midriff is fashionable"
misdealmisdealan incorrect deal
modalmodalan auxiliary verb (such as `can' or `will') that is used to express modality
modelmodelthe act of representing something (usually on a smaller scale)
modulemodulea self-contained component (unit or item) that is used in combination with other components
muddlemuddleinformal terms for a difficult situation; "he got into a terrible fix"; "he made a muddle of his marriage"
needleneedlea sharp pointed implement (usually steel)
noddlenoddlean informal British expression for head or mind; "use your noddle"
nodulenodulea small node
noodlenoodleinformal terms for a human head
ordealordeala primitive method of determining a person's guilt or innocence by subjecting the accused person to dangerous or painful tests believed to be under divine control; escape was usually taken as a sign of innocence
paddlepaddlea short light oar used without an oarlock to propel a canoe or small boat
pedalpedala lever that is operated with the foot
peddlepeddlesell or offer for sale from place to place
piddlepiddleliquid excretory product; "there was blood in his urine"; "the child had to make water"
poodlepoodlean intelligent dog with a heavy curly solid-colored coat that is usually clipped; an old breed sometimes trained as sporting dogs or as performing dogs
poundalpoundala unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 foot/sec/sec to a mass of 1 pound; equal to 0.1382 newtons
puddlepuddlesomething resembling a pool of liquid; "he stood in a pool of light"; "his chair sat in a puddle of books and magazines"
raddleraddlea red iron ore used in dyeing and marking
riddleriddlea coarse sieve (as for gravel)
rondelrondela French verse form of 10 or 13 lines running on two rhymes; the opening phrase is repeated as the refrain of the second and third stanzas
roundelroundel(heraldry) a charge in the shape of a circle; "a hollow roundel"
ruddleruddlea red iron ore used in dyeing and marking
rundlerundleone of the crosspieces that form the steps of a ladder
saddlesaddleposterior part of the back of a domestic fowl
sandalsandala shoe consisting of a sole fastened by straps to the foot
scandalscandaldisgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people
scheduleschedulea temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to
seidelseidela glass for beer
sidewallsidewalla wall that forms the side of a structure
sidlesidlemove sideways
speedwellspeedwellany plant of the genus Veronica
spend-allspend-allsomeone who spends money prodigally
spindlespindleany holding device consisting of a rigid, sharp-pointed object; "the spike pierced the receipts and held them in order"
staddlestaddlea base or platform on which hay or corn is stacked
StendhalStendhalFrench writer whose novels were the first to feature psychological analysis of the character (1783-1842)
straddlestraddlethe option to buy or sell a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date; consists of an equal number of put and call options
strudelstrudelthin sheet of filled dough rolled and baked
swaddleswaddlewrap in swaddling clothes; "swaddled the infant"
swindleswindlethe act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme; "that book is a fraud"
TeasdaleTeasdaleUnited States poet (1884-1933)
tidaltidalof or relating to or caused by tides; "tidal wave"
tindaltindalEnglish translator and Protestant martyr; his translation of the Bible into English (which later formed the basis for the King James Version) aroused ecclesiastical opposition; he left England in 1524 and was burned at the stake in Antwerp as a heretic (1494-1536)
toddletoddlewalk unsteadily; "small children toddle"
treadletreadlea lever that is operated with the foot
treadwheeltreadwheela mill that is powered by men or animals walking on a circular belt or climbing steps
trundletrundlesmall wheel or roller
twaddletwaddlepretentious or silly talk or writing
tweedletweedleentice through the use of music
twiddletwiddlea series of small (usually idle) twists or turns
TyndaleTyndaleEnglish translator and Protestant martyr; his translation of the Bible into English (which later formed the basis for the King James Version) aroused ecclesiastical opposition; he left England in 1524 and was burned at the stake in Antwerp as a heretic (1494-1536)
TyndallTyndallBritish physicist (born in Ireland) remembered for his experiments on the transparency of gases and the absorption of radiant heat by gases and the transmission of sound through the atmosphere; he was the first person to explain why the daylight sky is blue (1820-1893)
vandalvandalsomeone who willfully destroys or defaces property
VidalVidalUnited States writer (born in 1925)
waddlewaddlewalking with short steps and the weight tilting from one foot to the other; "ducks walk with a waddle"
wheedlewheedleinfluence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering; "He palavered her into going along"
yodelyodela songlike cry in which the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal voice and falsetto

Rhymes with 3 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
acaudalacaudallacking a tail or taillike appendage
AiredaleAiredalebreed of large wiry-coated terrier bred in Yorkshire
anodalanodalof or at or relating to an anode
apodalapodal(of snakes and eels) naturally footless; "eels are apodal"
apsidalapsidalof or relating to an apse
asphodelasphodelany of various chiefly Mediterranean plants of the genera Asphodeline and Asphodelus having linear leaves and racemes of white or pink or yellow flowers
astraddleastraddlewith one leg on each side; "she sat astride the chair"
backpedalbackpedalmodify one's opinion, make it less strong
befuddlebefuddlebe confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly; "These questions confuse even the experts"; "This question completely threw me"; "This question befuddled even the teacher"
bimodalbimodalof a distribution; having or occurring with two modes
bipedalbipedalhaving two feet
bone-idlebone-idleconstitutionally lazy or idle
botryoidalbotryoidalresembling a cluster of grapes in form
caboodlecaboodleany collection in its entirety; "she bought the whole caboodle"
cacodylcacodylthe univalent group derived from arsine
canoodlecanoodlefondle or pet affectionately
CarbondaleCarbondalea town in southern Illinois
centroidalcentroidalof or relating to (especially passing through) a centroid
chancroidalchancroidalof or relating to or having chancroids
ChippendaleChippendalea British cabinetmaker remembered for his graceful designs (especially of chairs) which influenced his contemporaries (1718-1779)
citadelcitadela stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle
ClydesdaleClydesdaleheavy feathered-legged breed of draft horse originally from Scotland
colloidalcolloidalof or relating to or having the properties of a colloid
cordialcordialstrong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal
crocodilecrocodilelarge voracious aquatic reptile having a long snout with massive jaws and sharp teeth and a body covered with bony plates; of sluggish tropical waters
cross-modalcross-modalrelating to different sense modalities
cuboidalcuboidalshaped like a cube
cuspidalcuspidalhaving cusps or points
cycloidalcycloidalresembling a circle
DaffodilDaffodilany of numerous varieties of Narcissus plants having showy often yellow flowers with a trumpet-shaped central crown
dendroidaldendroidalresembling a tree in form and branching structure; "arborescent coral found off the coast of Bermuda"; "dendriform sponges"
discoidaldiscoidalhaving a flat circular shape
doorhandledoorhandlea knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called `doorhandle' in Great Britain)
enkindleenkindlecall forth (emotions, feelings, and responses); "arouse pity"; "raise a smile"; "evoke sympathy"
farandolefarandolea lively dance from Provence; all the dancers join hands and execute various figures
footcandlefootcandlea unit of illuminance on a surface that is everywhere 1 foot from a point source of 1 candle
foot-poundalfoot-poundala unit of work equal to a force of one poundal moving through a distance of one foot
girandolegirandolean ornate candle holder; often with a mirror
gonadalgonadalof or relating to the gonads; "gonadal hormones"
gradualgradual(Roman Catholic Church) an antiphon (usually from the Book of Psalms) immediately after the epistle at Mass
groenendaelgroenendaelblack-coated sheepdog with a heavily plumed tail
HeyerdahlHeyerdahlNorwegian anthropologist noted for his studies of cultural diffusion (1914-2002)
infidelinfidela person who does not acknowledge your god
MacDowellMacDowellUnited States composer best remembered as a composer of works for the piano (1860-1908)
manhandlemanhandlehandle roughly; "I was manhandled by the police"
mastoidalmastoidalprocess of the temporal bone behind the ear at the base of the skull
medialmedialrelating to or situated in or extending toward the middle
mishandlemishandlemanage badly or incompetently; "The funds were mismanaged"
muscadelmuscadelwine from muscat grapes
muscadellemuscadellewine from muscat grapes
offsaddleoffsaddleremove the saddle from; "They unsaddled their mounts"
packsaddlepacksaddlea saddle for pack animals to which loads can be attached
panadolpanadolan analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation; also used as an antipyretic; (Datril, Tylenol, Panadol, Phenaphen, Tempra, and Anacin III are trademarks of brands of acetaminophen tablets)
panhandlepanhandlethe handle of a pan
PlacidylPlacidyla mild sedative-hypnotic drug (trade name Placidyl)
prandialprandialof or relating to a meal
pudendalpudendalof or relating to or near the pudendum; "pudendal nerve"
radialradialpneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing
rekindlerekindlearouse again; "rekindle hopes"; "rekindle her love"
remodelremodeldo over, as of (part of) a house; "We are remodeling these rooms"
reschedulerescheduleassign a new time and place for an event; "We had to reschedule the doctor's appointment"
rhomboidalrhomboidalshaped like a rhombus or rhomboid; "rhomboidal shapes"
sidesaddlesidesaddlea saddle for a woman; rider sits with both feet on the same side of the horse
sigmoidalsigmoidalof or relating to the sigmoid flexure in the large intestine
skedaddleskedaddlea hasty flight
soft-pedalsoft-pedalplay down or obscure; "His advisers soft-pedaled the president's blunder"
spheroidalspheroidalhaving the nature or shape of an ellipsoid
steroidalsteroidalof or relating to steroid hormones or their effects
suicidalsuicidaldangerous to yourself or your interests; "suicidal impulses"; "a suicidal corporate takeover strategy"; "a kamikaze pilot"
sundialsundialtimepiece that indicates the daylight hours by the shadow that the gnomon casts on a calibrated dial
thyroidalthyroidalof or relating to the thyroid gland; "thyroid deficiency"; "thyroidal uptake"
toradoltoradolnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Acular and Toradol) that is administered only intramuscularly
torodaltorodalnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (trade name Torodal) that is given only orally
toroidaltoroidalof or relating to or shaped like a toroid; doughnut shaped
unsaddleunsaddleremove the saddle from; "They unsaddled their mounts"
urodeleurodeleamphibians that resemble lizards
zinfandelzinfandeldry fruity red wine from California

Rhymes with 4 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
acetaldolacetaldolunsaturated aldol
adenoidaladenoidalsounding as if the nose were pinched; "a whining nasal voice"
agonadalagonadallacking gonads
alkaloidalalkaloidalpertaining to or consisting of alkaloids
amyloidalamyloidalresembling starch
anthropoidalanthropoidalresembling apes
antipodalantipodalthe relation of opposition along a diameter
araneidalaraneidalrelating to or resembling a spider
arthropodalarthropodalof or relating to invertebrates of the phylum Arthropoda
asteroidalasteroidalof or relating to or resembling an asteroid
autacoidalautacoidalof or relating to an autacoid
bacteroidalbacteroidalresembling bacteria
basidialbasidialrelating to or characterized by basidia
biradialbiradialshowing both bilateral and radial symmetry; "some sea anemones are biradial"
chlamydialchlamydialof or pertaining to the sexually transmitted infection or to the parasite
cotyloidalcotyloidalof the cup-shaped socket that receives the head of the thigh bone
custodialcustodialproviding protective supervision; watching over or safeguarding; "daycare that is educational and not just custodial"; "a guardian angel"; "tutelary gods"
ellipsoidalellipsoidalhaving the nature or shape of an ellipsoid
epicondyleepicondylea projection on a bone above a condyle serving for the attachment of muscles and ligaments
estradiolestradiolthe most powerful female hormone that occurs naturally; synthesized and used to treat estrogen deficiency and breast cancer
fiddle-faddlefiddle-faddletrivial nonsense
fungicidalfungicidalcapable of destroying fungi
germicidalgermicidalpreventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms
gerundialgerundialrelating to or like a gerund; "the gerundial suffix `-ing'"
hebdomadalhebdomadalof or occurring every seven days; "a weekly visit"; "weekly paper"
homicidalhomicidalcharacteristic of or capable of or having a tendency toward killing another human being ; "a homicidal rage"; "murderous thugs"
intertidalintertidalof or relating to the littoral area above the low-tide mark
minoxidilminoxidila vasodilator (trade name Loniten) used to treat severe hypertension; one side effect is hirsutism so it is also sold (trade name Rogaine) as a treatment for male-patterned baldness
mollycoddlemollycoddlea pampered darling; an effeminate man
myocardialmyocardialof or relating to the myocardium
nonsteroidalnonsteroidalan organic compound that does no contain a steroid
oestradioloestradiolthe most powerful female hormone that occurs naturally; synthesized and used to treat estrogen deficiency and breast cancer
paradiddleparadiddlethe sound of a drum (especially a snare drum) beaten rapidly and continuously
phyllodialphyllodialhaving a phyllode
postprandialpostprandialfollowing a meal (especially dinner); "his postprandial cigar"; "took a postprandial walk"
precordialprecordialin front of the heart; involving the precordium
preprandialpreprandialpreceding a meal (especially dinner); "a preprandial drink"
primordialprimordialhaving existed from the beginning; in an earliest or original stage or state; "aboriginal forests"; "primal eras before the appearance of life on earth"; "the forest primeval"; "primordial matter"; "primordial forms of life"
pyramidalpyramidalresembling a pyramid
quadrupedalquadrupedalhaving four feet
remedialremedialtending or intended to rectify or improve; "a remedial reading course"; "remedial education"
residualresidual(often plural) a payment that is made to a performer or writer or director of a television show or commercial that is paid for every repeat showing; "he could retire on his residuals"
sinusoidalsinusoidalhaving a succession of waves or curves
spermicidalspermicidaldestructive to spermatozoa
supermodelsupermodela fashion model who has attained the status of a celebrity
taradiddletaradiddlepretentious or silly talk or writing
tarradiddletarradiddlepretentious or silly talk or writing
trapezoidaltrapezoidalresembling a trapezoid
uncordialuncordiallacking warmth or friendliness; "looked uncordial as we approached"
unimodalunimodalhaving a single mode
viricidalviricidaltending to destroy viruses
virucidalvirucidaltending to destroy viruses

Rhymes with 5 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
amygdaloidalamygdaloidalshaped like an almond
antheridialantheridialrelating to or characterized by an antheridium
bactericidalbactericidalpreventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms
ethanediolethanediola sweet but poisonous syrupy liquid used as an antifreeze and solvent
haloperidolhaloperidoltranquilizer (trade name Haldol) used to treat some psychotic disorders and Tourette's syndrome
hyperboloidalhyperboloidalhaving the shape of a hyperboloid
individualindividuala human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
insecticidalinsecticidalof or relating to insecticide
paraboloidalparaboloidalhaving the shape of a paraboloid
pericardialpericardiallocated around the heart or relating to or affecting the pericardium; "pericardial space"
propanediolpropanediola sweet colorless, viscous, hygroscopic liquid used as an antifreeze and in brake fluid and also as a humectant in cosmetics and personal care items although it can be absorbed through the skin with harmful effects

Rhymes with 6 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
bacterioidalbacterioidalresembling bacteria
parasiticidalparasiticidalcapable of expelling or destroying parasitic worms

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