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List of near rhymes for the word: left


Rhymes with 1 syllable

WordBase wordDefinition
aftaft(nautical, aeronautical) situated at or toward the stern or tail
cleftcleavea long narrow opening
cleftclefta long narrow opening
craftcraftthe skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
croftcrofta small farm worked by a crofter
daftdaftinformal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"
deftdeftskillful in physical movements; especially of the hands; "a deft waiter"; "deft fingers massaged her face"; "dexterous of hand and inventive of mind"
draftdraftthe act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
draughtdraughtthe act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
driftdrifta horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine; "they dug a drift parallel with the vein"
eftefta newt in its terrestrial stage of development
giftgiftthe act of giving
graftgraftthe act of grafting something onto something else
hafthaftthe handle of a weapon or tool
heftheftthe property of being large in mass
kraftkraftstrong wrapping paper made from pulp processed with a sulfur solution
leftleavea turn toward the side of the body that is on the north when the person is facing east; "take a left at the corner"
leftlefta turn toward the side of the body that is on the north when the person is facing east; "take a left at the corner"
liftliftthe act of raising something; "he responded with a lift of his eyebrow"; "fireman learn several different raises for getting ladders up"
loftloftfloor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof; often used for storage
oftoftmany times at short intervals; "we often met over a cup of coffee"
raftrafta flat float (usually made of logs or planks) that can be used for transport or as a platform for swimmers
reftreavesteal goods; take as spoils; "During the earthquake people looted the stores that were deserted by their owners"
riftrifta personal or social separation (as between opposing factions); "they hoped to avoid a break in relations"
shaftshaftthe hollow spine of a feather
shiftshiftthe act of changing one thing or position for another; "his switch on abortion cost him the election"
shriftshriftthe act of being shriven
siftsiftdistinguish and separate out; "sift through the job candidates"
softsoftnot brilliant or glaring; "the moon cast soft shadows"; "soft pastel colors"; "subdued lighting"
swiftswiftcommon western lizard; seen on logs or rocks
TaftTaft27th President of the United States and later chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1857-1930)
thefttheftthe act of taking something from someone unlawfully; "the thieving is awful at Kennedy International"
thriftthriftextreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily
tufttufta bunch of feathers or hair
waftwafta long flag; often tapering
weftweftthe yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving

Rhymes with 2 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
abaftabaftat or near or toward the stern of a ship or tail of an airplane; "stow the luggage aft"; "ships with square sails sail fairly efficiently with the wind abaft"; "the captain looked astern to see what the fuss was about"
adriftadriftafloat on the surface of a body of water; "after the storm the boats were adrift"
aircraftaircrafta vehicle that can fly
airliftairlifttransportation of people or goods by air (especially when other means of access are unavailable)
aloftaloftin the higher atmosphere above the earth; "weather conditions aloft are fine"
bereftbereavesorrowful through loss or deprivation; "bereft of hope"
bereftbereftsorrowful through loss or deprivation; "bereft of hope"
camshaftcamshafthas cams attached to it
chairliftchairlifta ski lift on which riders (skiers or sightseers) are seated and carried up or down a mountainside; seats are hung from an endless overhead cable
CockcroftCockcroftBritish physicist who (with Ernest Walton in 1931) first split an atom (1897-1967)
cockloftcocklofta small loft or garret
crankshaftcrankshafta rotating shaft driven by (or driving) a crank
downdraftdowndrafta strong downward air current
engraftengraftfix or set securely or deeply; "He planted a knee in the back of his opponent"; "The dentist implanted a tooth in the gum"
festschriftfestschrifta collection of writings published in honor of a scholar
forkliftforklifta small industrial vehicle with a power operated forked platform in front that can be inserted under loads to lift and move them
gearshiftgearshifta mechanical device for engaging and disengaging gears; "in Britain they call a gearshift a gear lever"
handcrafthandcrafta work produced by hand labor
haylofthaylofta loft in a barn where hay is stored
ingraftingraftcause to grow together parts from different plants; "graft the cherry tree branch onto the plum tree"
priestcraftpriestcraftthe skills involved in the work of a priest
redraftredrafta draft for the amount of a dishonored draft plus the costs and charges of drafting again
redshiftredshift(astronomy) a shift in the spectra of very distant galaxies toward longer wavelengths (toward the red end of the spectrum); generally interpreted as evidence that the universe is expanding
resiftresiftsift anew
SchoolcraftSchoolcraftUnited States geologist and ethnologist and explorer who discovered the source of the Mississippi River (1793-1864)
shopliftshopliftsteal in a store
snowdriftsnowdrifta mass of snow heaped up by the wind
spendthriftspendthriftsomeone who spends money prodigally
spindriftspindriftspray blown up from the surface of the sea
spoondriftspoondriftspray blown up from the surface of the sea
updraftupdrafta strong upward air current
upliftuplifta brassiere that lifts and supports the breasts
weightliftweightliftbodybuilding by exercise that involves lifting weights
witchcraftwitchcraftthe art of sorcery
woodcraftwoodcraftskill in carving or fashioning objects from wood

Rhymes with 3 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
aftershaftaftershafta supplementary feather (usually small) on the underside of the base of the shaft of some feathers in some birds
allograftallografttissue or organ transplanted from a donor of the same species but different genetic makeup; recipient's immune system must be suppressed to prevent rejection of the graft
autograftautografttissue that is taken from one site and grafted to another site on the same person; "skin from his thigh replaced the burned skin on his arms"
bride-giftbride-gifta wedding present to the bride
candytuftcandytuftany of various flowering plants of the genus Iberis cultivated for their showy clusters of white to red or purple flowers; native to Mediterranean region
driveshaftdriveshafta rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application
faceliftfacelifta renovation that improves the outward appearance (as of a building) but usually does not involve major changes; "give your home a facelift"; "more than a facelift, the new model marks a fundamental change of direction"
handicrafthandicrafta craft that requires skillful hands
homografthomografttissue or organ transplanted from a donor of the same species but different genetic makeup; recipient's immune system must be suppressed to prevent rejection of the graft
housecrafthousecraftskill in domestic management
hovercrafthovercrafta craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines
makeshiftmakeshiftsomething contrived to meet an urgent need or emergency
mineshaftmineshaftexcavation consisting of a vertical or sloping passageway for finding or mining ore or for ventilating a mine
needlecraftneedlecraftwork (such as sewing or embroidery) that is done with a needle
overdraftoverdrafta draft in excess of the credit balance
semisoftsemisoftsomewhat soft
spacecraftspacecrafta craft capable of traveling in outer space; technically, a satellite around the sun
stagecraftstagecraftskill in writing or staging plays
statecraftstatecraftwisdom in the management of public affairs
tradecrafttradecraftskill acquired through experience in a trade; often used to discuss skill in espionage; "instructional designers are trained in something that might be called tradecraft"; "the CIA chief of station accepted responsibility for his agents' failures of tradecraft"
watercraftwatercrafta craft designed for water transportation
xenograftxenografttissue from an animal of one species used as a temporary graft (as in cases of severe burns) on an individual of another species

Rhymes with 4 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
antiaircraftantiaircraftartillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes
heterograftheterografttissue from an animal of one species used as a temporary graft (as in cases of severe burns) on an individual of another species

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