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List of near rhymes for the word: make


Rhymes with 1 syllable

WordBase wordDefinition
macmaca waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric
machmachAustrian physicist and philosopher who introduced the Mach number and who founded logical positivism (1838-1916)
MackMacka waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric
makmaka terrorist organization founded by Osama bin Laden in the 1980s to provide money and recruit fighters around the world; enlisted and transported thousands of men to Afghanistan to fight the Russians; a split in the group led bin Laden and the extremist faction of MAK to form al-Qaeda
makemakethe act of mixing cards haphazardly
McMcone million periods per second
mcgmcgone millionth (1/1,000,000) gram
meekmeekevidencing little spirit or courage; overly submissive or compliant; "compliant and anxious to suit his opinions of those of others"; "a fine fiery blast against meek conformity"- Orville Prescott; "she looked meek but had the heart of a lion"; "was submissive and subservient"
meqmeqone-thousandth of an equivalent
mickmick(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Irish descent
mikemikedevice for converting sound waves into electrical energy
mockmockthe act of mocking or ridiculing; "they made a mock of him"
mokemokeBritish informal for donkey
muckmuckfecal matter of animals
schmuckschmuck(Yiddish) a jerk
shmuckshmuck(Yiddish) a jerk
smacksmackthe act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand
smocksmocka loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles
smokesmoke(baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity; "he swung late on the fastball"; "he showed batters nothing but smoke"

Rhymes with 2 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
amokamokfrenzied as if possessed by a demon; "the soldier was completely amuck"; "berserk with grief"; "a berserk worker smashing windows"
amuckamuckfrenzied as if possessed by a demon; "the soldier was completely amuck"; "berserk with grief"; "a berserk worker smashing windows"
bemockbemocktreat with contempt; "The new constitution mocks all democratic principles"
bromicbromicrelating to or containing bromine (especially pentavalent bromine)
chain-smokechain-smokesmoke one cigarette after another; light one cigarette from the preceding one
chemicchemicrelating to or used in chemistry; "chemical engineer"; "chemical balance"
comiccomica professional performer who tells jokes and performs comical acts
cosmiccosmicinconceivably extended in space or time
dermicdermicof or relating to or located in the dermis
formicformicof or containing or derived from formic acid
gimmickgimmickany clever maneuver; "he would stoop to any device to win a point"; "it was a great sales gimmick"; "a cheap promotions gimmick for greedy businessmen"
gnomicgnomicrelating to or containing gnomes; "gnomic verse"
haemichaemicrelating to or containing or affecting blood; "a hematic cyst"; "a hematic crisis"
hammockhammocka hanging bed of canvas or rope netting (usually suspended between two trees); swings easily
hemichemicrelating to or containing or affecting blood; "a hematic cyst"; "a hematic crisis"
humichumicof or relating to or derived from humus; "humic acid"
hummockhummocka small natural hill
MicmacMicmacthe Algonquian language of the Micmac
mimicmimicsomeone who mimics (especially an actor or actress)
miwokmiwoka Penutian language spoken by the Miwok
ohmicohmicof or relating to or measured in ohms
OlmecOlmeca member of an early Mesoamerican civilization centered around Veracruz that flourished between 1300 and 400 BC
permicpermica group of Finnic languages spoken in the northwest Urals
remakeremakecreation that is created again or anew; "it is a remake of an old film"
rhythmicrhythmicrecurring with measured regularity; "the rhythmic chiming of church bells"- John Galsworthy; "rhythmical prose"
RomaicRomaicthe modern Greek vernacular
samekhsamekhthe 15th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
seismicseismicsubject to or caused by an earthquake or earth vibration
shumacshumaca shrub or tree of the genus Rhus (usually limited to the non-poisonous members of the genus)
stomachstomachan enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion
sumacsumaca shrub or tree of the genus Rhus (usually limited to the non-poisonous members of the genus)
sumachsumacha shrub or tree of the genus Rhus (usually limited to the non-poisonous members of the genus)
tarmactarmaca paved surface having compressed layers of broken rocks held together with tar
thermicthermicrelating to or associated with heat; "thermal movements of molecules"; "thermal capacity"; "thermic energy"; "the caloric effect of sunlight"
unmakeunmakedeprive of certain characteristics
yashmacyashmacthe face veil worn by Muslim women
yashmakyashmakthe face veil worn by Muslim women

Rhymes with 3 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
achromicachromichaving no color
agamicagamic(of reproduction) not involving the fusion of male and female gametes in reproduction
alchemicalchemicrelated to or concerned with alchemy
anaemicanaemiclacking vigor or energy; "an anemic attempt to hit the baseball"
anemicanemiclacking vigor or energy; "an anemic attempt to hit the baseball"
anomicanomicsocially disoriented; "anomic loners musing over their fate"; "we live in an age of rootless alienated people"
anosmicanosmichaving impaired sense of smell
AramaicAramaican alphabetical (or perhaps syllabic) script used since the 9th century BC to write the Aramaic language; many other scripts were subsequently derived from it
arrhythmicarrhythmicwithout regard for rhythm
atomicatomic(weapons) deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy; "nuclear war"; "nuclear weapons"; "atomic bombs"
balsamicbalsamicof or relating to or containing balsam; "a balsamic fragrance"
blastemicblastemicof or relating to blastemata
bulimicbulimica person suffering from bulimia
ceramicceramican artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures
chiasmicchiasmicof or relating to a chiasm
coseismiccoseismicbeing where earthquake waves arrive simultaneously
dynamicdynamican efficient incentive; "they hoped it would act as a spiritual dynamic on all churches"
ecdemicecdemicof or relating to a disease that originates outside the locality in which it occurs
endemicendemica plant that is native to a certain limited area; "it is an endemic found only this island"
endermicendermicacting by absorption through the skin; "endermic ointment"
ischaemicischaemicrelating to or affected by ischemia
ischemicischemicrelating to or affected by ischemia
IslamicIslamicof or relating to or supporting Islamism; "Islamic art"
logomachlogomachsomeone given to disputes over words
McCormickMcCormickUnited States operatic tenor (born in Ireland) (1884-1945)
miasmicmiasmicfilled with vapor; "miasmic jungles"; "a vaporous bog"
mollymawkmollymawklarge web-footed birds of the southern hemisphere having long narrow wings; noted for powerful gliding flight
morphemicmorphemicof or relating to morphemes
nonrhythmicnonrhythmicdeliberately not rhythmic
ophthalmicophthalmicof or relating to ophthalmology; "ophthalmic surgery"
opthalmicopthalmicof or relating to or resembling the eye; "ocular muscles"; "an ocular organ"; "ocular diseases"; "the optic (or optical) axis of the eye"; "an ocular spot is a pigmented organ or part believed to be sensitive to light"
pandemicpandemican epidemic that is geographically widespread; occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world
papier-machepapier-machea substance made from paper pulp that can be molded when wet and painted when dry
phonemicphonemicof or relating to phonemes of a particular language; "phonemic analysis"
polemicpolemica controversy (especially over a belief or dogma)
PotomacPotomacterm sometimes used to refer to Washington, D.C.
PtolemaicPtolemaicof or relating to the geocentric Ptolemaic system; "in the Ptolemaic system of planetary motion the earth is fixed as the center of the universe with the sun and moon and planets revolving around it"
pyaemicpyaemicof or relating to pyemia
pyemicpyemicof or relating to pyemia
systemicsystemicaffecting an entire system; "a systemic poison"
tokamaktokamaka doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research; a plasma is heated and confined in a magnetic bottle
totemictotemicrelating to totemism; "totemic object"
transdermictransdermicthrough the unbroken skin; refers to medications applied directly to the skin (creams or ointments) or in time-release forms (skin patches); "transdermal estrogen"; "percutaneous absorption"
unrhythmicunrhythmicnot rhythmic; irregular in beat or accent
uraemicuraemicof or involving excess nitrogenous waste products in the urine (usually due to kidney insufficiency)
uremicuremicof or involving excess nitrogenous waste products in the urine (usually due to kidney insufficiency)

Rhymes with 4 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
academicacademican educator who works at a college or university
acronymicacronymiccharacterized by the use of acronyms
adynamicadynamiccharacterized by an absence of force or forcefulness
agronomicagronomicof or relating to or promoting agronomy
algorithmicalgorithmicof or relating to or having the characteristics of an algorithm
anatomicanatomicof or relating to the structure of the body; "anatomical features"
anoxemicanoxemicrelating to or marked by abnormally little oxygen in arterial blood
antidromicantidromicconducting nerve impulses in a direction opposite to normal
apogamicapogamicof or relating to the development of an embryo in the absence of fertilization
astronomicastronomicinconceivably large
autogamicautogamiccharacterized by or fit for autogamy
autonomicautonomicrelating to or controlled by the autonomic nervous system; "autonomic reflexes"
autotomicautotomicof or relating to autotomy
azotemicazotemicof or involving excess nitrogenous waste products in the urine (usually due to kidney insufficiency)
bacteremicbacteremicof or relating to or having bacteremia
bimorphemicbimorphemicconsisting of two morphemes; "the bimorphemic word `rays'"
bionomicbionomicof or relating to the science of ecology; "ecological research"
blastodermicblastodermicof or relating to a blastoderm
cataclysmiccataclysmicseverely destructive; "cataclysmic nuclear war"; "a cataclysmic earthquake"
centrosomiccentrosomicof or relating to a centrosome
cleistogamiccleistogamicexhibiting or relating to cleistogamy
cryptogamiccryptogamicof or relating to a cryptogam
cyclothymiccyclothymicof or relating to or exhibiting cyclothymia
cytoplasmiccytoplasmicof or relating to cytoplasm
diatomicdiatomicof or relating to a molecule made up of two atoms; "a diatomic molecule"
economiceconomicusing the minimum of time or resources necessary for effectiveness; "an economic use of home heating oil"; "a modern economical heating system"; "an economical use of her time"
ectodermicectodermicof or relating to the ectoderm
endogamicendogamicpertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only within the limits of a clan or tribe
endothermicendothermic(of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with absorption of heat
epidemicepidemica widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time
epidermicepidermicof or relating to a cuticle or cuticula
epistemicepistemicof or relating to epistemology; "epistemic modal"
eponymiceponymicbeing or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym
ergonomicergonomicof or relating to ergonomics
exogamicexogamicpertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only outside the limits of a clan or tribe
exothermicexothermic(of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with the liberation of heat
gastronomicgastronomicof or relating to gastronomy; "gastronomic adventures"
high-muck-a-muckhigh-muck-a-muckan arrogant or conceited person of importance
homonymichomonymicof or related to or being homonyms
homothermichomothermicof birds and mammals; having constant and relatively high body temperature
hyperemichyperemicrelating to or caused by hyperemia
hypodermichypodermica piston syringe that is fitted with a hypodermic needle for giving injections
hypothermichypothermicof or relating to or affected by hypothermia
intradermicintradermicrelating to areas between the layers of the skin; "an intradermal injection"
logarithmiclogarithmicof or relating to or using logarithms; "logarithmic function"
macrocosmicmacrocosmicrelating to or constituting a macrocosm
matronymicmatronymica name derived from the name of your mother or a maternal ancestor
metonymicmetonymicusing the name of one thing for that of another with which it is closely associated; "to say `he spent the evening reading Shakespeare' is metonymic because it substitutes the author himself for the author's works"
metronymicmetronymica name derived from the name of your mother or a maternal ancestor
microcosmicmicrocosmicrelating to or characteristic of a microcosm; "the microcosmic world of business"
monatomicmonatomicof or relating to an element consisting of a single atom; "helium and argon are monatomic gases"
monoatomicmonoatomicof or relating to an element consisting of a single atom; "helium and argon are monatomic gases"
monochromicmonochromichaving or appearing to have only one color
organismicorganismicof or relating to or belonging to an organism (considered as a whole); "the organismic theory of the state"
pachydermicpachydermicof or relating to or characteristic of pachyderms
panoramicpanoramicas from an altitude or distance; "a bird's-eye survey"; "a panoramic view"
patronymicpatronymica family name derived from name of your father or a paternal ancestor (especially with an affix (such as -son in English or O'- in Irish) added to the name of your father or a paternal ancestor)
phonogramicphonogramicof or relating to a phonogram
polychromicpolychromichaving or exhibiting many colors
sarcolemmicsarcolemmicof or relating to sarcolemma
septicemicsepticemiccharacteristic of septicemia; "a septicemic temperature curve"
subatomicsubatomicof smaller than atomic dimensions
taxonomictaxonomicof or relating to taxonomy; "taxonomic relations"; "a taxonomic designation"
tragicomictragicomichaving pathetic as well as ludicrous characteristics; "her life...presented itself to me as a tragicomical adventure"--Joseph Conrad
undynamicundynamiccharacterized by an absence of force or forcefulness

Rhymes with 5 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
aerodynamicaerodynamicdesigned or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow; "a streamlined convertible"
anisogamicanisogamicrelating to a type of sexual reproduction in which the gametes are dissimilar in some respect (as size or shape)

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