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List of near rhymes for the word: message


Rhymes with 1 syllable

WordBase wordDefinition
sagesagearomatic fresh or dried grey-green leaves used widely as seasoning for meats and fowl and game etc
sedgesedgegrasslike or rushlike plant growing in wet places having solid stems, narrow grasslike leaves and spikelets of inconspicuous flowers
siegesiegethe action of an armed force that surrounds a fortified place and isolates it while continuing to attack
swageswagea tool used to thicken or spread metal (the end of a bar or a rivet etc.) by forging or hammering or swaging

Rhymes with 2 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
besiegebesiegeharass, as with questions or requests; "The press photographers besieged the movie star"
corsagecorsagean arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
dosagedosagea measured portion of medicine taken at any one time
dressagedressagemaneuvers of a horse in response to body signals by the rider
massagemassagekneading and rubbing parts of the body to increase circulation and promote relaxation
messagemessagea communication (usually brief) that is written or spoken or signaled; "he sent a three-word message"
nutsedgenutsedgea widely distributed perennial sedge having small edible nutlike tubers
OsageOsagethe Dhegiha dialect spoken by the Osage
passagepassagethe act of passing from one state or place to the next
presagepresagea sign of something about to happen; "he looked for an omen before going into battle"
sausagesausagea small nonrigid airship used for observation or as a barrage balloon
sewagesewagewaste matter carried away in sewers or drains
usageusageaccepted or habitual practice
visagevisagethe appearance conveyed by a person's face; "a pleasant countenance"; "a stern visage"

Rhymes with 3 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
assuageassuageprovide physical relief, as from pain; "This pill will relieve your headaches"
envisageenvisageform a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case; "Can you conceive of him as the president?"
expressageexpressagerapid transport of goods
ill-usageill-usagecruel or inhumane treatment; "the child showed signs of physical abuse"
messuagemessuage(law) a dwelling house and its adjacent buildings and the adjacent land used by the household
surplusagesurplusagea quantity much larger than is needed

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