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List of near rhymes for the word: strange


Rhymes with 1 syllable

WordBase wordDefinition
bingebingean occasion for excessive eating or drinking; "they went on a bust that lasted three days"
changechangethe action of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
congecongean abrupt and unceremonious dismissal
cringecringedraw back, as with fear or pain; "she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf"
dingedingediscoloration due to dirtiness
flangeflangea projection used for strength or for attaching to another object
fringefringean ornamental border consisting of short lengths of hanging threads or tassels
grangegrangean outlying farm
grungegrungethe state of being covered with unclean things
hingehingea joint that holds two parts together so that one can swing relative to the other
IngeIngeUnited States playwright (1913-1973)
LangeLangeUnited States photographer remembered for her portraits of rural workers during the Depression (1895-1965)
loungeloungea room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait
lungelungethe act of moving forward suddenly
mangemangea persistent and contagious disease of the skin causing inflammation and itching and loss of hair; affects domestic animals (and sometimes people)
mingemingevulgar term for a woman's pubic hair or genitals
munjmunjtough Asiatic grass whose culms are used for ropes and baskets
plungeplungea brief swim in water
rangerangea place for shooting (firing or driving) projectiles of various kinds; "the army maintains a missile range in the desert"; "any good golf club will have a range where you can practice"
scroungescroungecollect or look around for (food)
singesingea surface burn
spongespongeprimitive multicellular marine animal whose porous body is supported by a fibrous skeletal framework; usually occurs in sessile colonies
strangestrangenot known before; "used many strange words"; "saw many strange faces in the crowd"; "don't let anyone unknown into the house"
swingeswingeburn superficially or lightly; "I singed my eyebrows"
SyngeSyngeIrish poet and playwright whose plays are based on rural Irish life (1871-1909)
tengetengethe basic unit of money in Kazakhstan
tingetingea pale or subdued color
twingetwingea sharp stab of pain

Rhymes with 2 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
arrangearrangearrange attractively; "dress my hair for the wedding"
avengeavengetake revenge for a perceived wrong; "He wants to avenge the murder of his brother"
blancmangeblancmangesweet almond-flavored milk pudding thickened with gelatin or cornstarch; usually molded
challengechallengea demand by a sentry for a password or identification
citrangecitrangemore aromatic and acid tasting than oranges; used in beverages and marmalade
constringeconstringebecome tight or as if tight; "Her throat constricted"
derangederangethrow into great confusion or disorder; "Fundamental Islamicists threaten to perturb the social order in Algeria and Egypt"
estrangeestrangearouse hostility or indifference in where there had formerly been love, affection, or friendliness; "She alienated her friends when she became fanatically religious"
exchangeexchange(chess) the capture by both players (usually on consecutive moves) of pieces of equal value; "the endgame began after the exchange of queens"
expungeexpungeremove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line; "Please strike this remark from the record"; "scratch that remark"
FalangeFalangethe Spanish Nazi party under Franco
free-rangefree-rangeof livestock and domestic poultry; permitted to graze or forage rather than being confined to a feedlot
gaolinggaola correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)
impingeimpingeadvance beyond the usual limit
infringeinfringeadvance beyond the usual limit
long-rangelong-rangesuitable for or reaching long distances; "long-range nuclear capability"
lozengelozengea dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet
melangemelangea motley assortment of things
orangeorangeorange color or pigment; any of a range of colors between red and yellow
outrangeoutrangehave a greater range than (another gun)
prolongeprolongea rope fitted with a hook and used for towing a gun carriage
quick-changequick-changeadept at changing from one thing to another especially changing costumes; "a quick-change artist"
rearrangerearrangeput into a new order or arrangement; "Please rearrange these files"; "rearrange the furniture in my room"
revengerevengeaction taken in return for an injury or offense
scavengescavengeremove unwanted substances from
short-rangeshort-rangelimited to short distances; "short-range planes"; "a short-range shot"
syringesyringea medical instrument used to inject or withdraw fluids
unhingeunhingeremove the hinges from; "unhinge the door"

Rhymes with 3 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
counterchangecounterchangecause to change places; "interchange this screw for one of a smaller size"
disarrangedisarrangedisturb the arrangement of; "disarrange the papers"
interchangeinterchangemutual interaction; the activity of reciprocating or exchanging (especially information)
muskellungemuskellungelarge (60 to 80 pounds) sport fish of North America
omnirangeomnirangea navigational system consisting of a network of radio beacons that provide aircraft with information about exact position and bearing
prearrangeprearrangearrange beforehand
StonehengeStonehengean ancient megalithic monument in southern England; probably used for ritual purposes

Rhymes with 4 syllables

WordBase wordDefinition
brownish-orangebrownish-orangeof a light brownish color
counterchallengecounterchallengechallenge in turn; "The authentication was counterchallenged"

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